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Here’s what I know about you…

You are awesome.
A little slice of the Divine. Smart. Talented. Powerful.You are a change agent. A healer. A lightworker. You desire to live your purpose. 

But you aren’t feeling awesome.
Feeling stressed. Getting sucked into drama. Lower energy. Losing interest in things you used to like. Conflicted. Starting to lose hope.

Still dreaming of something more.
From the outside, everything looks great. On the inside you feel empty, disconnected, and just off. You don’t know exactly where you got off track.

You would turn this around, if you only knew how…
What used to work doesn’t work anymore.

Feeling trapped
Stuck in unproductive, unhealthy situations. New action either doesn’t work or seems to make things worse. You may be starting to wonder if this is the new normal.

Caught in the Push-Pull
But you can’t seem to accept this crappy new normal, certain that there is more to life than this. Stressed by the tug of war. Not sure how to get out without completely disrupting your life.

Bound by obligation
You want to be a good person, do a good job, and help people. But…you also want to be free. You fantasize about quitting your career, escaping your obligations, and running off to the beach. Trapped by responsibility.

Actually, you’ve outgrown your reality…

You’ve evolved
When you created your current circumstances it–to one degree or another–worked for you. But no longer. Who you really are is always expanding, and signals you with big dreams and desires.

Your identity hasn’t
How you’ve been being (your identity) has not evolved–and doesn’t want to. It wants safety, and doesn’t care that you feel stuck. Your identity signals you with fear, doubt, and confidence-eroding shadow behaviors.

That limits your energy
Vital force energy powers everything–mind, emotions, body, spirit, bank account, relationships, and more. The bigger your Identity Gap® the less energy you have: like trying to drink a thick milkshake through a teeny-tiny straw.

This can be easy and fun!
Yes, things may look dark and difficult…but it doesn’t have to be! I like to have fun with difficult topics.Chaos and complex problems are my zone of genius. Do more than solve the problem–together let’s disappear the problem. Explore possibilities with me: