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How you see the world affects your health—and vice versa

Are you someone whose glass is half empty or half full (or, if you are an engineer is the glass simply too big)?  Did you come into the world like this (nature), or was it your upbringing (nurture)?  I have another idea—maybe it’s your health that dictates how you see the world.

Law of attraction

Many of us are familiar with the idea that having a negative outlook can negatively affect our health.  This goes along with the theory of what we focus on we get more of.  It’s kinda like riding a bicycle—you unconsciously steer into whatever obstacle or pothole you are looking at.


Everything becomes easier

What about the other way around?  I have seen this time and again in my clients.  After about a month in the program, as their stress systems re-balance and their health improves, they see their lives in a whole new light.  Everything becomes easier.  Everything becomes possible again.  Most notably, they have the:

  • Same job, but miraculously their boss has become a smarter and better manager
  • Same spouse, but suddenly more helpful and easier to get along with
  • Same commute, but it has become less stressful and the other drivers more considerate
  • Same grocery store, but the other shoppers have become much less irritating and the lines move faster

When your stress system is balanced, you are more tolerant and have more resilience.  This in turn decreases the stresses and challenges of everyday life.

Everything is possible

Your electrical system

Our perceptions of an event or situation create our thoughts and feelings.  These thoughts and feelings create electrical changes in the body.  These electrical changes change how our body works.  Health issues in general and adrenal dysfunction in particular change your perceptions, thoughts and feelings.


Claim your new outlook!

Although for most people completely reversing adrenal dysfunction takes about 6 months, most people see big improvements within weeks.  Wouldn’t you like to have everything get easier? Everything seem possible?  The people in your life easier to deal with?  I want that for you, too.  Contact me to find out how I can help you.


What do you think?  What would get easier for you?

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