The Burnout Quiz

See if you are at risk for burnout by taking the quiz here!


The Burnout Quiz only takes a few minutes, and I’ve found that it is pretty darn accurate in predicting if you have burnout (or adrenal fatigue) or not.


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Burnout Assessment

  • All information submitted is confidential.


Once you’ve completed The Burnout Quiz, locate the range you fall in below.

If you scored between:
0 – 30 You are in good health.
30 – 40 You are under some stress.
40 – 50 You are a candidate for burnout.
50 – 60 You likely have burnout.
60 + You most likely have severe burnout. *


*If you scored 60 or higher it is important that you take immediate steps to
correct this condition before your health (or life) is adversely affected.


If you have scored 40 or higher you are likely in burnout and will at some point
experience the symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, irritability, and
mood swings.