Authenticity Empowers

So, DrHeather, what do you do?  

How to answer?

  • I coach people to prevent and recover from burnout.
  • I remove the blocks that prevent people from being who they want to be.
  • I empower burned out people to rekindle their passion and reconnect with their joy.

These are all true. And yet…not complete.

I confess that I dread the question of “what do you do” a little bit. Partly because I do so many things that have such a wide range of results and benefits, partly because of my committmentphobia, and partly because of my perfectionist nature.

What if I start telling people one thing, then it turns out that I change my mind? Or talk about it in a different way? What will people say?

I want the answer to be right. Perfect. A short, 15 second answer that completely communicates the value of what I do and piques the interest so profoundly that people can’t help but work with me.

Um, wow. I know, right?

What I’ve realized is that there is nothing I can say in 15 seconds (or 30, or 90) that totally captures all that I do in a way that people understand. This is hard to acknowledge and harder to accept, but I believe that (at least at this moment) it is true.

So, here is my mini-manifesto:

  • I believe that authenticity empowers.
  • Empowerment returns your vital force energy.
  • Vital force energy brings…everything.

By uncovering, freeing, and embracing your true nature you are empowered to live the life of your design and your desires. Many people find that they’ve been lied to about who they really are; when this happens–even just a little–it creates inauthenticity which shuts down the flow of vital force energy. Knowing who you really are and removing the blocks to being that person is crucial.

Being empowered means, in part, freedom, self-assurance, and being in control (control freaks of the world–unite!!). I don’t mean control in any sort of negative way. I’m talking about control in your own life, not control over others’ lives. Being the powerful creator of your own life. Embracing choice, free from obligation (like shoulds, have tos, can’ts, ought tos, etc.).

Vital force energy is life force energy. Source energy. Vitality. Vibrancy. Zip. Zing. Oomph. When you have access to more vital force energy, you not only feel fantastic, but also have:

  • Vibrant health
  • More ease and flow
  • Abundance

Everything I do, all the tools and techniques I use, get you more access to vital force energy by empowering you through authenticity. 

You are awesome–own it!

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