Becoming Unshakable: What Does it Take?

What does it take to become unshakable?

Seriously—what would it take for you to become unshakable? To be so solidly you, connected to your own center that you are not buffeted about by external circumstances or forces. To be able to respond—not react—to the flow of life. To have very little stress, even in a pandemic and other features of our “interesting times” in 2020.

People who are unshakable perceive clearly and discern what is True (with a capital T), then respond appropriately and correctly based on their soul blueprint. They maintain their balance & equilibrium, and momentum towards their goals.

Stress is all about perception.  Stress isn’t in the thing itself—it is our reaction to the thing.

How you react (or, if you’re unshakable how you respond) is dictated by your worldview. Your worldview is your collection of experiences, influences, and circumstances that create your patterns, beliefs, & attitudes which drive the actions you take—which is what creates your results (if you don’t have the results you want, this is simply a worldview problem).

Unshakable people are not unduly affected by fear, worry, guilt, shame, obligation, or other toxic energies. If you find you’re reacting to or giving weight to those energies, you aren’t wrong—that is simply a signal that your worldview isn’t serving you.

And you can shift your worldview.

Let’s start with some questions (interrogate your worldview):

  • What’s right about this I’m just not getting?
  • What might be the opportunity here?
  • Where am I more committed to being right than to understanding?
  • If I were unshakable, what would be my response here?

Let’s take coronavirus COVID-19 as an example. Unshakable people are clearly perceiving that this illness is sweeping the globe and while similar to the flu, it appears to be more contagious with a higher mortality rate.

Unshakable people are assessing their own risk, and responding appropriately. Taking precautions, preparing, and then moving through life without undue worry and stress. Preventative actions such as frequent handwashing, disinfecting, and greeting people with a wave instead of a handshake. Preparatory actions such as ensuring a *reasonable* supply of facial tissue, acetaminophen &/or ibuprofen, & cough medicine. Making ahead and freezing soup and other meals. Refilling prescriptions—especially rescue inhalers like albuterol—in a timely manner. Basically taking steps to avoid illness and prepare in case of illness. And then moving on.

Unshakable people are using this epidemic as a personal growth opportunity to become more of who they are. For instance, if you find you are outraged (or scared about) the current healthcare system where you live, perhaps this is an invitation to become politically active, to volunteer, or to otherwise honor the soul signal from within that you are experiencing as outrage or fear. If you are worried about money or the stock market, perhaps this is an invitation to re-evaluate your investments (of money, attention, time, etc.), to re-examine your priorities, or to change your behaviors to honor the soul signal from within that you are experiencing as worry.

Essentially, unshakable people clearly perceive the soul signal, discern the opportunity, and respond correctly according to their soul blueprint, keeping their equilibrium and moving with the flow of life.

When you are unshakable you unlock vitality in your life, body, & business, and connect with joy.

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