The Mind and Consciousness of a Master Healer

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jennifer Urezzio (catch the complete podcast here). Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive, author, teacher and speaker. She specializes in helping people connect – to themselves, to each other, and to the Divine. She founded a new paradigm, Soul Language, which provides […]

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STRESS is a major risk factor for suicide

Suicide is top of mind for many with the passing of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. The “last person in the world” you’d expect to do that. “They had everything.” Again, I have no insight into either of their lives. I DO have insight into suicide in healers and change […]

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More than Exhaustion: Suicidal Thoughts & Burnout

With Kate Spade’s recent passing, suicide is top of mind for many. There is lots of discussion (a good thing!), some “shoulding”–such as “she should’ve reached out for help!” (a judgmental reaction), and a fair amount of victim blaming (a really judgmental reaction). This situation brought to my mind something […]

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Living Fabulously with Bev

I recently had the pleasure of being on a wonderful podcast, Living Fabulously with Bev. Click here to go directly to her site to listen to the podcast. Here are the Top Ten Tips   Otherwise, here are the highlights… There’s a root stress…the stress of being someone you are […]

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Resisting the Dragon

I’ve spent the last couple of days immersed in the idea of resistance. I’ve been looking at how & why problems arise when we aren’t being our authentic selves, and developing streamlined systems to reverse that for presentations I’m giving next week on burnout and transforming resistance into results. I […]

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