My Brain is a Border Collie

BaxterTwelve years ago this week I adopted my dog, Baxter.  At the shelter they warned me that because he is a Border Collie mix he would be a high energy dog.  I thought I understood what “high energy dog” meant, but that’s the sort of thing that you can really only understand after you’ve had the experience.

And replaced at least one couch.

He was a very cute puppy…and very destructive.  In fact, his first nickname was “Shredder.”  He finally settled down once I understood that because of the Border Collie in him, he needed a job.

Similarly, letting my brain run everything—when I’m “in my head”—tends to be destructive as well.  Not in the “my couch is destroyed” way, but in the “this could be effortless if I’d just let it” kind of way.

I find that my best decisions are made (and indeed my best work is done) when I’m grounded in my body.  Staying connected to the physical (the third dimension) actually strengthens the spiritual connection.  People who are grounded are healthier, happier, and experience more abundance.

However, my brain keeps trying to get involved.  It is great at planning, figuring things out, and so forth, but it does a crummy job at staying in the flow.  And in the flow is where the magic is.

I’ve discovered that my brain needs a job—just like my Border Collie mix.  The best job for my brain: ask questions.  The best question I’ve found so far is “What would feel free today?” with “What would bring joy?” as a close second.

Do you find that you do your best work when grounded in your body?  Or do you spend most of your time in your head thinking instead of in your body feeling and experiencing?


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