Can you have control over abundance?

Just a short time ago I thought that abundance was something that just happened.  Sort of like luck (or the weather), abundance seemed like something that a person had no control over whatsoever.  You work hard, you struggle, and you hope.

1385766_41465309Now I know that there is one sure-fire, struggle-free way to reliably create abundance.

But first…what do I mean by abundance?  Well, there are lots of different types of abundance, including (but not limited to):

  • Material (money)
  • Health
  • Choice
  • Love
  • Creative

Here is how to have control over creating abundance (and as a control freak I love the idea that I have a say): express your purpose.

Say what?

It is so simple it boggles the mind!  Expressing your purpose is a three step process:

  • Know your purpose
  • Hear the messages of your purpose
  • Take action on those messages

Simply let everything else go.  No, this isn’t ‘just let it go’; this is ‘stop doing all the crap that doesn’t support the expression of your soul’s purpose.’

Let your soul signals guide you to help you stay on purpose (don’t know what the soul signals are?  Watch the webinar here.  Follow your soul strategy, and you will create abundance in every area.

Yes, abundance in every area.

Burned out? Express your soul’s purpose.  Broke? Express your soul’s purpose.  Stuck? Express your soul’s purpose. You get the idea.

I’ve seen this work; in fact, the turning point of recovering from burnout is when you start expressing your purpose (even a little).  The results are nothing short of miraculous.

Expressing your purpose takes some effort, but there is no struggle.  Your expression of purpose will be different than everyone else’s.

Tired of the struggle?  Ready to take control of abundance in your life?  Let’s talk.


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