The Healing Effects of Pilates

Vibrant is pleased to welcome Tina Sprinkle as our guest blogger this week!  Recently I had the pleasure of visiting her studio; her studio is not only beautiful and well equipped, it has a welcoming and relaxed vibe.  She and her talented instructors train real people – from not-yet-in-shape beginners […]

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How to Get Your Body Back on Track

Low Energy, Weight Gain, and Pain: The Effects of Aging or Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue?   Do you know anyone who is often tired and run down, or who can’t seem to lose weight? Or maybe someone who is often moody or irritable or who suffers from frequent headaches?  Maybe […]

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Something’s a Little Off

Something’s a Little Off: Are Your Symptoms a Sign of Hormone Imbalance?   Hormone imbalance is a common culprit behind many of the chronic symptoms that women complain about these days. And it’s no wonder. With all of the responsibilities we have to juggle between our families, work, and personal […]

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