Top Tips to Tackle Stress

Here Bev Roberts and I riff on the top tips to tackle stress. from Bev: In this Top Tips I speak with author, speaker, functional medicine specialist and CEO of Vibrant Again; Dr. Heather Clark, PharmD about how to tackle root … Read More

Moving sidewalk

Aligned Desires: The Key to Achieving Your Goals

  Powerfully creating your desires can be easy and happen quickly. TRYING to create your desires is often hard, arduous, and filled with struggle. Has achieving your goals been difficult and filled with struggle?   Let’s shift your reality around … Read More

Resisting the Dragon

I’ve spent the last couple of days immersed in the idea of resistance. I’ve been looking at how & why problems arise when we aren’t being our authentic selves, and developing streamlined systems to reverse that for presentations I’m giving … Read More

Hey! Where’s My Transformation?

When transformations don’t work Has this ever happened to you? You learn about a new class, program, or process that seems like it will solve all (well, most…) of your problems. Hallelujah! Like many transformational experiences, it is cool, has … Read More

Got Purpose?

Are you unleashing your awesome into the world? Chances are that you could unleash MORE of your awesome into the world…but how? To Unleash Your Awesome, the first step is to Own Your Awesome. Before you can OWN your awesome, it is … Read More

Own your awesome

Own Your Awesome

  Of course you’re awesome, why wouldn’t you be? You are inherently, naturally awesome. Not in an egotistical, Identity-driven way, but in a Divinely perfect gifted human being way.   Hard to see your own awesome Much like tickling yourself, … Read More