Confusion is a choice.

Confusion—a choice
Power in clarity now
Know yourself, your soul

I’m calling it my “clarity haiku.”

You may (or may not) have heard the phrase “confusion is a choice.” This phrase always irritated me a little bit, because I never felt like I was choosing to be confused.

What I realize now, however, is that I was choosing to be confused. I certainly wasn’t choosing to be clear! To be clear is to take full responsibility as the creator of your own experience.

I believe we are the creators of our own experience. I realized last week that I was not creating the experience I wanted, yet I felt stuck and powerless to change it.


I, who help people remove blocks and restrictions to expressing their divine selves. I, who can pinpoint the truth of an issue in moments. I, who can clearly see amazing possibilities within others. I was confused and unclear about seemingly everything.

So, I decided to change it.

In about an hour, I did the following:

  • Created powerful clarity.
  • Removed a lifetime of blocks and old “programs” such as self-doubt, victimization, and confusion.
  • Healed issues that had been sapping my energy and preventing me from moving forward.

It was easy, it was painless, and it was freaking awesome! I simply did for myself what I’ve been doing for others: getting to know myself at the soul level and clearing the blocks to expressing my soul. So far I’ve experienced the following:

  • Incredibly high energy levels
  • Cleaning my home (!), because I am no longer in alignment with the mess
  • More patience for people in general (I am still Type A, though 😉 )
  • Deepening of personal relationships
  • Ease in decision making

And this is just week one 🙂

These things are happening for my clients as well. Want to get rid of confusion? Interested in increasing your energy? Ready to remove roadblocks? Let’s talk!

Know who you are at soul level. Remove the blocks and restrictions to expressing your soul. Close your Identity Gap. Become the real you.

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  1. I first heard d this at my job at a management level some years ago, and it’s always resonated with me. I love this reminder as the last year was full of transitions for me. Though I have not been confused as aggravated and stuck. As of late it has been more depression as well l. I appreciate being reminded that I have choices and am not a victim. I look forward to hearing more. Thanks again
    Sandra Flanagan


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