Difficult? Not when your health is at stake

 Janet Beverley

I suffered from adrenal fatigue for over four years. I was exhausted all the time, had frequent headaches, and my brain was in a fog by the end of each day.  I felt awful. Blood tests were used to provide information about my adrenal fatigue, and eventually, after three years, and based on blood work, it appeared that my adrenal fatigue had been resolved. I continued to experience bouts of fatigue, and after six months, I returned to my doctor for more testing. The results in August indicated that my cortisol and estrogen levels were only slightly low. My doctor recommended staying on the supplements that I had been on in the past.

I heard about Dr. Heather and attended a workshop she provided. Within one week, I was in her office, had a saliva test, and discovered I had stage three adrenal fatigue. Without a second thought, I began the Vibrant program. I felt confident that Dr. Heather could help me due to her credentials – a doctorate in pharmacy.

The Vibrant program not only introduces a regimen of dietary supplements, but also encourages appropriate exercise and eliminates problematic foods such as gluten, dairy, soy, and others. Some people may find it difficult to restrict themselves, but I did not because I was so sick. I just wanted to get well.

The program is not hard for me to follow. The structure and accountability of the Vibrant program is a big help. Without that structure, I would have found it difficult to be compliant with the plan for change in my diet and intake of supplements. Dr. Heather organized the plan and information regarding what supplements to take, how much to take, and what time of day to take them. With Vibrant, I just followed the steps! Dr. Heather also counseled me on what type of exercise to take during the period of extreme adrenal fatigue.

I feel fortunate to have discovered Dr. Heather. No one is more compassionate and encouraging than she. With Dr. Heather in my corner, the Vibrant program was definitely doable!

Janet Beverley

Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Marketing Expert, Overland Park, KS

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