Get What You Want Summit

Get What You Want Summit
Real Results in Your Life, Body, & Business

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Claim Your Spot for the Summit!

Because being stuck sucks.

Launches December 1, 2019
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Having trouble getting the real results you desire?
Even wildly successful people have areas outside their zones of genius where they are stagnated or struggle.

Stagnation & struggle are STRESSFUL
Pretty much everybody has experienced the stress of trying to get what you want but not getting it. This is especially stressful–even embarrassing–because there are SO MANY ways you are already successful, and getting what you want.Just not in that one area…

Unfulfilled desires are also STRESSFUL
In addition to the struggle, the unfulfilled desires themselves are a major, hidden source of stress.Desires are a soul signal, part of your internal guidance to close your Identity Gap® and become more of who you are.Not getting what you want creates a soul-level stress.

The good news is…
A simple shift is likely all that’s required to get real results.

Real Results in Your Life, Body, & Business
The aim of this summit is for you–an otherwise successful person–to get real, tangible results in one or more areas of life where you’ve been having trouble getting what you want.

Powerfully side-step struggle
Join the summit for insights, fresh perspectives, guidance, & tools from leading experts to begin to make the necessary shifts for real results.It’s usually one simple shift in attitude, action, or perception that opens the flood gates to your real, desired results.

Co-creative crossover opportunity
Together all of us (you, the experts, & host) will create the opportunity to receive our wants and desires. PLUS, we’ll explore how what we learn in one area can be useful in other area.You’ll hear from experts in money, business, love, sex, health, and more!

Claim your uplevel.

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Side-step struggle and relieve the stress of unfulfilled desires. Join the summit and discover the simple shifts required for YOU to receive real results.

Claim your spot for the Get What You Want Summit!

Meet Your Get What You Want Experts
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Jennifer Urezzio
Founder and Spiritual Director of Soul Language“Tapping Into Your Soul To Support Receiving What You Want”Jennifer UrezzioJennifer Urezzio is the founder of Soul Language – a paradigm that puts tangibility to Soul so a conscious connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for success. Jennifer is also a master intuitive and the author of two best-selling books. Currently, she has trained over 20 practitioners worldwide in Soul Language. At this time there are over 5,000 individuals all over the world connecting to their Soul Languages.Jennifer has worked with and supported hundreds of successful, highly creative individuals with resolving blocks in their creative process so that new opportunities can be received and created.Her clients consistently relate how Jennifer provides an environment where they feel safe to open up and be vulnerable. She helps them regain their strength and express their big purpose and mission. Jennifer has even been described as “liquid nitrogen” because she has the ability to see the core of possibilities within each individual’s energy field. She is a master at asking the soul-searching questions that allow individuals to understand and perceive new pathways of success and greatness in their lives.In just one session clients report that new possibilities open up for them which allows them to express their creativity, stardom, and greatness in whole new ways to the world.Many of Jennifer’s client reviews can be found at: more about Jennifer and her business Soul Language at

Kim Gould
Creator of Emergent Human Design“Shift into Your Ideal Nourishing Success: Emergent Human Design”Kim GouldHi, I’m Kim Gould. For over 15 years I’ve been a Human Design Coach, Mentor and Teacher.  In my work I take you beyond the single Human Design chart and one-off reading, into a world where personal transformation meets evolution. We are at a tipping point in human emergence. My passion is to share innovative and effective new ways to use the Human Design System to support the personal and collective change we need.Discover more about Kim’s business Love Your Design at

Kate Marolt
Transformational Coach“Reclaim Your Joy, Get What You Want”Kate MaroltWhen Kate was 4, she used to climb to the top of a hill every day, point off in the distance, and say, “That’s where I get to go to school in the fall!” Even then she was eager to learn everything she could, squeeze the most out of life, and have a great time doing it.Kate Marolt is a transformational coach, teacher, speaker, and artist. She fiercely believes joy is the whole point of our being here and works with women all over the world who desire success on their own terms and who are ready to raise their standards to choose joy as their baseline for their bodies, work, and lives.Drawing on her 15+ years of experience as an athlete, artist, movement teacher, motivational speaker, and retreat leader, Kate brings a potent blend of magic and practical focus to the table in the form of deep embodiment and creativity practices. Her clients call her a “big f***ing mirror” who is equal parts vision keeper, ass kicker, and a safe harbor, with a splash of mermaid sparkles.Kate is a fierce stand for women who are ready to choose greater, and will be your champion and guide for powerful, radiant joy – in your body, in your work, in your relationships, and in your life.Find more about Kate and her business at

Nat Couropmitree
Creator of the Unconditional Receiving Framework“Unconditional Receiving to Realize Your Desires”Nat CouropmitreeNat Couropmitree is the creator of the Unconditional Receiving Framework. He guides creative leaders to live in harmony with their truest selves, which allows them to move from Conditional to Unconditional Receiving. By sharing and guiding others to access their own powerful source of love – Nat helps clients move from the exhausting cycles of sacrifice and working hard to gain success, to a deep sense of knowing that receiving (and giving) are their essential state.  When we accept that receiving is our nature, it allows us the freedom to enjoy the adventure of life and receive the fullness of it. In his work, Nat models this for others as he teaches energetic tools that are essential for navigating life, receiving and being filled with confidence, grace, and joy. It’s in his name to have a reverence for harmony. His last name was given to his father’s family by the abbot of a Thai Buddhist Temple. It’s comprised of two Sanskrit words: ‘Courop’ which means respect (reverence); and, ‘Mitree’ which means unity. Nat loves experimenting with exotic cuisine, seeking out adventure in far-flung places and dancing the Argentine Tango with his beloved wife, Olga. His new book “Unconditional Receiving” will be released soon.Find more about Nat and his business Heartfelt Business Solutions at

Angella Johnson
Harry Potter for Business“Can Disappointing Others be the Path to Trusting Yourself?”Angella JohnsonAfter investing a quarter of a million buckaroos on coaches and courses, Angella Johnson found some cold-hard-TRUTH:Her soulful business could NOT fit into someone else’s paint-by-numbers formulas no matter how hard she worked.(And neither can yours.)When the promise of “work harder and push harder” led to burnout and breakdown, Angella burned her business down in 2012 to rebuild with her intuition and spiritual connection in the forefront.That’s when she discovered that she wasn’t the only one who was craving soul with strategy. This ignited her mission to bring magic, joy, ease, and intuition along with messaging and marketing strategy that created real results for her clients.As the creator of the Intuitive Marketing Method™ and the Soul Message Archetypes™, she blazes the path for entrepreneurs to trust themselves, break the rules, and radically change what they think is possible and make more money without the hustle or hype.Get free trainings and connect at

Alexsys Thompson
Integration and Executive Leadership Coach“Grit, Gratitude and Grace”Alexsys ThompsonAlexsys Thompson, MLC, BCC is the creator of the Trybal Gratitude  Journal, Gratitude 540, a keynote speaker, executive coach, a certified Gallup Strengthsfinder,  Practitioner, and member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Her work is  guided by her life’s mission to create safe spaces for souls to show up.Learn more about Alexsys and her business Alexsys Thompson Intl at

Margot Schulman
Activist, Author, Facilitator and Love, Sex & Relationship Coach“Choose Courage, Love & Pleasure to Get What You Want”Margot SchulmanMargot has over 16 years of experience coaching individuals to create peace, freedom and love in their lives. She specializes in helping people build a rock solid foundation of trust, acceptance and love for themselves and then walk that outwards to exponentially expand the joy and ease they experience in every close relationship in their lives. Known as the “Love Activist” and as the founder of the Choose Love Movement, Margot is the author of “Choose Love: A Simple Path to Healthy, Joyful Relationships.” Margot is a sought after Speaker and Facilitator who has led a TEDx Talk. She is the creator of the “Turn Up Your Turn On” and “Break Free From Unhealthy Patterns in Sexuality, Love and Relationships” workshops. A graduate of Columbia University, Margot is certified a a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, a Holistic Health Counselor and a Certified Shake Your Soul Dance Teacher. Margot has been a guest lecturer at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a facilitator at the Rise Gathering, Empowered You and ‘Treat retreats and a workshop leader at The Assemblage and Firefly Yoga. Her newest offerings are the online course ‘Creating Conscious Relationships’ and free 3 week Choose Love Challenge on Facebook.Find more about Margot and her business Mindful Badass Coaching at

Heidi Totten
The Eclectic Entrepreneur“What is the Power of 100 People?”Heidi TottenHeidi Totten is an eclectic wife, mother of two  very normal children, runs a life and coaching business that teaches structured intuition in all areas of life, and in her spare time is the Executive Director of an international humanitarian organization that focuses on mentoring families in economic development in Kenya, Africa. In 2015 she became a best-selling author on a Tuesday when she launched her book Homeschool on Fire on Amazon. Turns out when you launch a book on a Tuesday in the homeschooling category, it’s a done deal for best-seller.Heidi has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 3 years. She runs Heidi Totten Consulting ( and The Eclectic Entrepreneurs ( as a way to help the most people possible during her one crazy life. Her happy place is hauling down roads in Kenya in dusty jeeps, but she is also known for her love of tacos, guacamole, and chocolate.

Emma Churchman
Spiritual Teacher + Success Mentor“Quantum Expansion for Real Results”Emma ChurchmanEmma M. Churchman, M.Div., is the CEO and Founder of a personal development company catalyzing conscious leaders and changemakers to awaken limitless power + purpose + prosperity. Emma is a Spiritual Teacher and success mentor with a seminary degree and mad-genius psychic skills who grew her business with a basic website and no email list to multi-six figures within a year! She mentors her clients through next level growth to make a huge impact, monetize their soul purpose, and love their businesses. Emma teaches manifesting, abundance mindset, aligning business with soul, and expanding vibration.Learn more about Emma and her business at

Lisa Wechtenhiser
Intuitive Guide, Coach, Teacher and all-around groovy chick“You Already Know: Reveal Your Path to Real Results”Lisa WechtenhiserLisa Wechtenhiser of helps intuitives and healers expand their gifts and build a solid business so they can make a real impact on the world. She’s an Intuitive Guide and a blindingly clear channel to Guides and Teachers in Spirit who are awesome business advisors themselves.Lisa’s business expertise comes from over 33 years helping financial advisors build their business as well as her own at LisaMW. Her Woo abilities come from the Universe.Known for her humor and warmth, just the right amount of tough love and her ability to get you out of overwhelm and into action fast, Lisa gets the world of Woo and the world of business and can help you manage them both so you create a business that supports you while you support others.Learn more about Lisa and her business LisaMW at

Jennifer Zwiebel
Chief Visionary of A Place of Joy“Vision Making: Joyfully Realizing Your Desires”Jennifer ZwiebelJennifer Zwiebel, founder and Chief Visionary of A Place of Joy, is a holistic business consultant. She supports the evolution of her clients’ businesses and their most authentic, joyous selves. Jennifer works with accomplished entrepreneurs to map out the tactical, practical steps that will get their fabulous ideas out of their heads and into the world where they belong. She partners with them to develop programs, products, books, workshops, compelling ways to share their magic and other tangible, creative and fun expressions of their genius so they can make money and love what they do. She guides her clients through her unique VisionMaker™ system, allowing them to process challenges quickly and uncover solutions so they can make conscious choices and take aligned action to bring their Visions to life. Jennifer is an author, coach and speaker. Join the party at!

Jen Moff
Founder of Magical Mindfulness“Magical Mindfulness to Claim Your Desires”Jen MoffJen Moff is a professional speaker and the CEO of Magical Mindfulness, a coaching and consulting firm specializing in transformational experiential retreats, corporate trainings for rapidly growing startups, and peak performance coaching for burned-out, purpose-driven professionals.Less sugar and more spice, Jen is a former actor with on-point comedic timing. Those skills, along with her ability to apply fresh concepts with tactical tools, make her a hit with audiences — during workshops, keynotes, or breakout sessions. Her areas of expertise include the intersections of leadership and employee experience, play and personal development, as well as relationships and spiritual growth. Jen has a BFA in Communication and Public Relations. She also received a Certified Relationship Specialist designation by the American Psychotherapy Association, is a member of the Women’s Speakers Association and Innovation Women Speakers Bureau, released Mindfulness 1.0 on iTunes, is the author of the Mindful Life Map, available on Amazon, and recently released the M-Pact Planner.Learn more about Jen and her business,, and

Sandi Davis, CPCC
Quiet Heretic, Intuitive Soul Stirrer, Coach, & Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant“Healthy Envy & Jealousy: Navigate to What You Want Using Your Emotions “Sandi DavisKnown for blending the soulful and intuitive with the practical and grounded, Sandi has been helping people integrate the deep wisdom of their soul while navigating the challenges of day to day living for the last 30 years.She calls herself a quiet heretic and intuitive soul stirrer who guides and witnesses, truth tells story tells so that you can hear the deep wisdom and inner whisperings of your heart. Sometimes what she does looks like life coaching or card reading or navigating the genius of your emotions and empathy. Sometimes it is story and myth telling, ritual, or creative process. It is always about the sacred exploration of the questions and mysteries of you and your life.Sandi holds degrees in Psychology and Gender Studies, is a Certified Co-Active coach, a Licensed Dynamic Emotional Ingratiation® Trainer and Consultant, and a Tarot reader of over three decades. All this to say she is captivated by unfolding journey of being human and devoted to supporting others in coming fully home to themselves.Learn more about Sandi and her business at

Priscilla Stephan
Intuitive Business & Soul Strategist“From Burnout to Thriving: Simple Shifts to Trust Yourself Deeply, Become the Badass CEO You are, Make a Difference AND Keep Your Health, Joy & Sanity intact!”Priscilla StephanPriscilla Stephan is an Intuitive Business Strategist and Leading From Your Soul Facilitator. She helps her clients, who are self-proclaimed rebels and visionaries, step into their next level of leadership so they create more impact and profit with ease.Through her powerful intuitive work, Priscilla provides laser-focused clarity, guidance and strategy so her clients turbo-charge their businesses and make the impact they’re here to make now. Priscilla’s holistic approach to success allows her clients to live their dream lifestyle while sharing their brilliance and embodying their purpose with joy and confidence.Learn more about Priscilla at

Aime Miyamoto
Business Astrologer and Business Alignment Strategist“Bringing Prosperity: Your Primary Energy Triad”Aime MiyamotoAime Miyamoto is a transformational mentor and guide to Creative Changemakers CEO’s and also supports her clients as a Business Alignment Strategist using Business Astrology and Human Design. She believes that everyone has unique core gifts to share with the world and that as more people unlock the code to their unique Higher Purpose Prosperity, the world will start changing for the better at an exponential pace. She also believes that the landscape of life and business design is undergoing a significant evolution right now that is calling for us all to uplevel our mastery of the foundations of Self Leadership which can create powerful positive ripple effects across all areas of our lives and businesses.When she’s not helping Creative Changemakers evolve their businesses, she can usually be found planning mini adventures around her hometown of San Diego and beyond, testing her latest veggie recipes discoveries, or scrambling to keep up with her dynamic teen twin daughters.Find more about Aime and her business at

Mary Wallace Jaensch
Chief Design Officer“Design Thinking Your Way to What’s Next”Mary Wallace JaenschI am a successful business professional with more than 30 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies discover new possibilities and opportunities to drive growth and innovation.In 2013, I began to ask myself “what’s next for me?” and became aware of how many successful, experienced professionals, particularly women, were asking the same question.  Quickly I discovered how few resources and tools there were to help us. On the hunt for a solution, I combined Design Thinking innovation tools with creativity, professional acumen and experience to help discover new career directions that feel more satisfying and meaningful.Today, I am on a mission to help make designing What’s Next For You easier.Learn more about Mary and her business Last Big Gig LLC at

Jennifer Bloome
Soul Abundance Guide“Speaking Your Money Language for Real Abundance”Jennifer BloomeJennifer Bloome is a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner. She teaches people how to communicate directly with their Soul so they that can co-create a flow of Soul-Based Abundance in whatever form they want.Jennifer has been helping people re-align with, and create what they want from, their Soul’s Inner Abundance since 2001. She began by helping women create the babies their heart desired and then discovered that the same process created abundance of all kinds.Jennifer has created a wide variety of tools to help make communicating with the soul more tangible including guided meditations and meridian tapping programs.  And, building from the paradigm of Soul Language, she has created Soul Language and Money, a tool that helps you form a personal relationship with the Soul of Money. Once you are in direct conversation with Money, you can transform that relationship so you can create tangible changes in your bank account. Jennifer also trains and certifies other individuals in the paradigm of Soul Language and Money.Find more about Jennifer and her business Soul Abundance at

Stephanie Steyer
Creator of the Muse Method and Muse Boards™“Light Up Your Vision”Stephanie SteyerI’m Stephanie, I love beauty and nature and baby animals. In true Taurus fashion, I appreciate the right amount of refined elegance. New adventures don’t scare me. I am willing to give almost anything a go. I inspire people to SEE, and I help them REMEMBER who they are. I am a creative, a designer, and an entrepreneur. I value Love. When it is all said and done, the only thing that matters is love. I value Creativity. Creativity is the core of what motivates us to get things accomplished. It’s how we function. Creativity is an ever-flowing source of energy and power that motivates us, moves us, gives us purpose. We are all creative!I value Beauty. There is beauty everywhere. When I feel overwhelm, tired or melancholy, I take myself outside and notice beauty. Nature takes my breath away!I believe in Simplicity. Simplicity can be deceiving. Simplicity and Ease are not synonymous. Simplicity is powerful. It captures our attention and makes us lean in.I value Community. Bringing together diverse interests and desires. The collective experience. It is so vital for our human experience to be witnessed by our community and peers. I value the Environment. We are caretakers of this planet. Mother earth, all animals, the oceans, and our children depend on awareness and consciousness for the choices we make and how we live. I live with my two dogs and 33 redwood trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Silicon Valley.Learn more about Stephanie and her business at

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