Got Purpose?

Are you unleashing your awesome into the world? Chances are that you could unleash MORE of your awesome into the world…but how?

  • To Unleash Your Awesome, the first step is to Own Your Awesome.
  • Before you can OWN your awesome, it is helpful to KNOW your awesome.

In other words, find your purpose.

Finding your purpose doesn’t mean discovering you were born to be an accountant.  Or a dancer.  Or an astronaut.  Finding your purpose is about finding out how you are wired.

Discovering what you are so naturally good at that it may not occur to you that other people aren’t good at it.

Once you find your purpose, you can start applying it right now.  Where you are at now.  Doing what you are doing now.

Bring purpose into your life now, and find fulfillment…whatever you are doing.

No need to spin your wheels on your Identity’s search for purpose–discover how you are wired and how you can apply it in your life TODAY so you can live your purpose.

Introducing a new way to work with me: the Find Your Purpose intuitive reading.



Love to you,
Dr. Heather

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