Hey! Where’s My Transformation?

When transformations don’t work

Has this ever happened to you? You learn about a new class, program, or process that seems like it will solve all (well, most…) of your problems. Hallelujah!

Like many transformational experiences, it is cool, has great testimonials, and is relatively expensive regarding time, energy, and/or money.

You know it is right for you. You want the transformation. You do a little due dilligence. You go for it!

And it is…not nearly as awesome as you were expecting.


What gives???

You aren’t seeing the shifts, and your life seems the same as it was before.

You may be thinking that this wasn’t the right opportunity to begin with, they screwed it up, you screwed it up, your problems are too big to be helped, and so on.



The Truth

The opportunity would not have come to you unless you were ready for it and it would work.

Again, what gives??

Here is the the Truth: you, my friend, are in resistance.


What is resistance?

Resistance is when your desires and goals conflict with your subconscious beliefs. Resistance happens when your Identity (read about the Identity Gap here) is trying to keep you safe. Great! Except safe is the same as stuck.

Your Soul wants to move, learn and grow. Your Identity wants absolutely nothing to do with this.


Resistance derails transformation (or tries to)

Resistance shows up lots of different ways (learn more here). One of the easiest ways to know if you are in resistance is to check in and ask: am I in the flow, easily accomplishing my goals, and living the life of my dreams? If the answer is no to any of these, then you are in resistance.

Welcome–you are in good company 🙂


There is transformation available for YOU

You CAN do this. You can still leverage your resistance into the transformational results you desire. Discover your own transformational leverage point.




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