Is Your Bucket Full?

Have you ever left a running garden hose in a bucket for too long and it overflows, getting all of the things around it wet, flowing down the hill, into the street and seems to run forever? The water has nowhere to go so it went where it could and disrupted everything in its path. This is what stress does. In our last blog “What is Stress?” we talked about the causes of stress and the types of stress we are faced with on a regular basis. As your stress fills your bucket it gets full and overflows, disrupting your life and everything else in its path.

The resolution—and the way to overcome adrenal fatigue—is to monitor, manage and empty that bucket! If you watch the water level, control the flow of the water and remove the hose when the buckets getting too full – does it overflow? That’s what needs to happen with stress. Take a good hard look at ALL of the stress you have in your life, that’s consuming your bucket. Next, let’s focus on creating some good habits.


  • Be asleep by 10:00pm and get 8 hours of sleep. The most restorative sleep occurs between 10:00pm and 2:00am and after consistently granting your body 8 hours of sleep; your sleep cycle will reset itself which is a step in the right direction for overcoming adrenal fatigue.
  • Avoid the cravings for salty, sweet and/or fatty foods. Instead, try to replace those foods with plenty of high protein, especially in the morning and to evade the culprit that commonly causes inflammation, try to transition into a gluten, dairy, and soy free diet.
  • Redirect your focus to you, your environment and your feelings. Begin to be in tune with how you are feeling and what may have led up to that, good or bad. Takes small bits of time throughout the day to check in with your body, how you are feeling and pay attention to your breathing. A few slow breathes and realizing where you are physically and mentally, can help you reset and chug forward.

This is the first of our four part series on how to transition your lifestyle to overcome adrenal fatigue. Check out our blog next week for details on sleep and what it means in the world of adrenal fatigue.

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