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I recently had the pleasure of being on a wonderful podcast, Living Fabulously with Bev.

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Otherwise, here are the highlights…

There’s a root stress…the stress of being someone you are not
— Dr Heather Clark

Author, speaker, functional medicine specialist and CEO of Vibrant Again; Dr. Heather Clark, PharmD, helps people reclaim their lives from burnout and adrenal fatigue using unique and comprehensive system to reverse burnout. Heather helps people close the gap between who they really are and how they are being and that’s where she says the magic is. You can rise above this misalignment, make a decision to recover and address the inauthenticity of what you are doing and what your soul desires.
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We Spoke About

  • Heather’s journey to burnout and back
  • Finding new gifts and learning to receive them
  • Defining adrenal fatigue and burnout
  • How do you know if you are dealing with burnout?
  • Tips for recovering from burnout
  • The timeframe to a full recovery
  • Understanding the Identity Gap®
  • Tools to help you close the Identity Gap® to remove stress
  • Profound self-care tips



Value Quotes

“What it boiled down to is that it [sic pharmacy] just didn’t light me up”
“What actually happened is because I was trying to push through and do all these things that aren’t aligned for me I burned out”

“I would take a shower and then need to lay down for about 10 or 15 minutes to rest up from the shower”

“Functional medicine is simply a science based approach that looks to get to the root of the problem”

“When I’m in the work I feel so alive… that was the missing piece”

“Once you get physical symptoms that’s your clue that the problem has been raging for a long time”

“Create a situation where you are likely to get plenty of sleep”

“Really embrace the idea that NO is a complete sentence”

“There’s a root stress…the stress of being someone you are not”

“When you’re very young, your identity is very close to who you really are”

“You’re getting feedback from your soul all the time, I call them soul signals but if you’re not tuned into it it’s really hard to tell”

“A commitment and decision to live fabulously. That right there cuts out a lot of things.”

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Until next time fabulous podcast listener, I’m Bev and I invite you to live the fab life with me now!


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You can find Dr Heather Clark at:



Take Heather’s screening quiz to check if it is burn out:

For a visual representation of Heather explaining how energy is related to The Identity Gap® and how to develop your internal GPS watch the video here

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