National Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day

November 30 is National Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day!

Everyone needs some down time, but many of us don’t take it until we are sick.  Why not plan ahead and skip being sick altogether?

National Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day
Plan for wellness


Plan for Wellness

November 30 gives us all an excellent excuse to focus on wellness instead of sickness.  Even if you don’t take that day off work, is there a way to include wellness into your schedule?

Chances are that you may find it difficult to take time for yourself.  However, even conventional wisdom will tell you that if you don’t take time for you, you won’t have as much to give others.

Why not plan for wellness?


Stay Well

Pick one activity that helps you to relax and recharge, and plan to do it at least 3 times per week –yoga, walking, reading, talking with friends, whatever—and you are much less likely to get sick.  Need more ideas? Check out The Celebrity Cafe’s Top 10 Things to Do on Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day.

But why does taking time for you make you less likely to get sick?  In part it has to do with managing stress.  When you take time for you, you reduce stress.

Now, don’t roll your eyes and quit reading…I know everyone says to reduce stress.  This isn’t news.  What may be news to you is why it helps you stay well.

The short story is that stress affects cortisol (a stress hormone), cortisol affects your immunity, and your immunity affects how often you get sick (and how sick you get).  It’s a biochemistry thing.  More stress=more sickness.

Plan for wellness!  If not now, then when?  November 30 certainly gives us a good excuse, so take advantage.  Disclaimer: you may want to check with your boss beforehand 🙂




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