Own Your Awesome


Of course you’re awesome, why wouldn’t you be? You are inherently, naturally awesome. Not in an egotistical, Identity-driven way, but in a Divinely perfect gifted human being way.


Hard to see your own awesome

Much like tickling yourself, for most of us it is very, very hard to see for ourselves how we are awesome. Well, for most of us over 5 years of age, anyway. Seeing our worth through what other people reflect back to us is how most of us start to own what is awesome about us. Interestingly, a great place to find your awesome is hidden amongst your faults.


Faults are easier to own

It is socially acceptable to own (and flaunt) your faults. Having faults is natural and human, and talking about them can, oddly, make other people more comfortable. It is generally taboo and socially UNacceptable to own (and flaunt) your awesome. This creates a situation where we spend time trying to fix—or hide—our faults.


Yet, there are no faults

In fact, there are only lesser strengths. When you were created, you were whole, complete, and perfect. Most of the problems in life stem from you not knowing this one secret: you, just as you are right now, are STILL whole, complete, and perfect. In short, you are awesome. This is hard to see because of outside “authority” keeping you in line (or your inner Mean Girl).


Greatness is a Truth, not a wish

Accepting and ‘working on’ our faults comes easily, as we have had much practice with this (and usually we have people around us eager to point them out). Accepting our greatness (or owning our awesome) as our Truth is some of the scariest, loneliest work we can do. Owning your awesome is also some of the most important, empowering, and freeing work you can do.


What’s stopping you from owning your awesome?

Don’t underestimate the stopping power of a Should. Shoulds are an obligation that robs you of choice, freedom, and empowerment. They are a form of resistance, and the language of your Identity. Shoulds are used to ‘keep you in line’ and are closely linked to shame. If the shoulds don’t get you, then comes the fear. Fear is a natural process that we let stop us; most of us don’t leverage our fear into action as Nature intended.


The fastest path past is through

Moving through the shoulds, fear, and other forms of resistance can be tough. In fact, the whole purpose of resistance is to stop you. Your secret tool is to leverage resistance into results. Notice the resistance. Feel the feelings. Take the action.


You are awesome…own it.





Some of my dearest friends inspired today’s article. I have the amazing good fortune to be friends with some of the smartest, most creative, most talented people on the planet. I am fortunate to get to spend time with them and bask in their brilliance.


And, like everybody else on the planet, they have Breakdowns (when you are doing big things in the world, you don’t get lowercase breakdowns, you get uppercase Breakdowns). And, sometimes, they honor me with the opportunity to support them in transforming the Breakdown into a Breakthrough.


This is extremely flattering. This is also extremely confusing…I can’t help but be baffled when they say things like, “I’m not smart enough to know” or “I’m not sure I’m good enough to claim that” or “I’m not sure I deserve that level of success.”


Say what? For me, this is like Oprah saying that she worries she isn’t good at interviewing people. Not to invalidate the feeling, but there is so much evidence to the contrary.


This is for you. Yes, you. You ARE up to big things, even if you don’t see them as big.


You are awesome…own it.

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  1. Yes! So with you on this! In fact I am such a promoter of everyone owning their awesome, I created an affirmation deck with this title and even trademarked the phrase! You would love the deck and other goodies with this phrase on it!


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