Peggy P.


As a result of being in the program I feel better. I feel like I have better sleep patterns and I’d say better energy in the morning, which I really was more dragging myself out of bed. And I am less caffeinated, so that is good. I probably won’t give up the caffeine entirely, though. Once I realized my adrenals were not as shot as I thought, “Wow I don’t need to pump them up as much but I can enjoy coffee.”

I really like the schedule that Dr. Heather gave me.  You know, I think the ease of knowing when to take the supplements and just doing it and having it done for the day, having the schedule.

Just learning more about your body and your adrenal glands and how important they are and also the functions of thyroid and how everything is connected is great.  It shows that it all works together or it doesn’t work very well at all.

I definitely recommend this program to other people, and I have.  A friend of mine has been looking for something, she has a friend who has some serious auto immune issues and she’s looking around for different avenues.  Even though this program doesn’t address everything with auto immune problems, getting the adrenals supported and back in line helps the body deal with everything else.

I think the biggest obstacle that I overcame to participate in the program was financial.  The fact that I was able, with working, to be able to do the program even though it is not covered by insurance made the difference; my mindset wasn’t an obstacle at all.   But you know I just made the decision to do it, that I was important enough to do it, and I wanted to find out.

I just feel that sometimes when you hear people say, “Well if it is not covered by insurance I never would do it.” And I just think but not everything that’s good for you is going to be taken care of for you. For some things we have to investigate ourselves.

I really feel like sometimes it is taking ownership of what I need to do for myself and not putting a dollar sign on it, which is hard to do.  Even though I’ve only been in the program about 3 months, I definitely feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

The other obstacle was really that I didn’t know that a program like this was out there. I really did not understand the variety of tests that can be done. You know, I thought most work was done through blood work, but you can tell a lot from the saliva tests that show what your body needs.

One of the things I really like about Dr. Heather is the fact that she looks at the person as the whole person and not just as a medical issue.  She looks at what can be done to just figure out what’s going on, not to just say, “Take ten of these and call me in a year and we’ll see how you are.” But the follow through and the follow up is good.

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