Podcast: The Myth of Breakdowns with Angella Johnson


What a fun interview with Angella Johnson! She is all about business alchemy and real conversations. So awesome. You can go directly to her site here.

We talked about the new possibility that you don’t have to make your life about fixing problems and overcoming something just to be alive. Also, I cover using my AFFECT™ tool to stop the impending breakdown and shift the energy… if you choose to.

Favorite sections of this interview include:

  1. What’ a Drama Triangle and how do you get out of it.
  2. If it’s really the truth, it can stand up to scrutiny and how this concept can get you out of staying stuck in labels and patterns that don’t work for you.
  3. Identifying the motive behind the mundane is what makes it magical. This concept brings on a whole new way of the everyday actions that can create so much more joy in our lives and in the world.


Watch our interview, or subscribe to her podcast.

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