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These packages are great for creating and maintaining momentum at a pace that works for you.
Use the time in your package in flexible increments–as little as 30 minutes at a time, or choose up to a 2 hour session.


Best of all, you can use all your session time in a few days or spread it out over as much as 6 months. The choice is yours, and you don’t have to choose right away; schedule as you go.


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The foundation of all effective communication is rapport. Remove limitations to rapport and improve…everything.


Great for leaders, speakers, and anyone who wants to quickly establish trust and respect (…pretty much everyone can benefit!).


Buy now: Rapport $200

Life Bonding Balance

Transform the stress of your experience of ‘birth‘ and your perception of ‘death‘ utilizing your breath in a specialized process.


Reprogram any limiting impact of the ‘trauma of birth’ and the ‘fear of death’ may be having in your life.


Buy now: Life Bonding Balance $200

Relationship Balance

Deepen understanding between two people (or with yourself) by transforming the issues that challenge you. Identify growth opportunities and gifts in the relationship.


Great for couples, parent/child relationships, friendships, business, or any relationship.


Buy now: Relationship Balance $200




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