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Raves for the 21 Day Transformation

Now I have my ideal career and better relationships

I found myself on Heather’s site and knew within minutes that I needed her help. I was suffering from burnout and it was going on for several years without realizing it. After tests confirmed her prognosis, she started me on a vitamin/hormone therapy; however, soon afterwards, Heather became aware of a deeper, more spiritual need.


This is where I really started to see a change.


As much as I needed the previous therapy for a few months, Heather could sense my need for more spiritual work due to my past and present circumstances. I am so incredibly grateful for this remarkable, dedicated, loving and creative individual. Her special talents have led me to a more fulfilled and happy existence. I am now working in a career that is ideal for me and my family loves the new “old” original me, the me that was meant to shine since the day I was born.


Thank you Heather and God bless!

Mary Jaensch

Easy, painless, and I feel better

What Heather offers is a really easy, painless way to clear some of that stuff without having to be really smart about it. It was very engaging and interesting, and I felt much better when we were finished. In the end, that’s a huge value for me. If you’re in a place of transformation, and it feels awkward and uncomfortable, spend an hour with Heather and feel better.

My reading was so accurate, it was scary

I’ve gone down numerous career paths in my lifetime, from marketing to nonprofit work to substitute teaching to hospice care. Each step gets me closer to my true calling as a healer. I’ve always been a healer, but I’ve pretty much kept that to myself because I didn’t want people to think I’m nutty. It’s been only recently that I’ve started to share my experiences.


I asked Heather to do a reading to help me figure out what’s keeping me from bringing my skills together in my career and my life. And what skills do I have that I might be overlooking. Heather’s reading was so accurate, it was scary. I know it was accurate because, when I experience truth, I feel it in my body, and my body was tingling throughout the session. Healing definitely happened.


My experience with Heather was great, and I highly recommend her services. Her reading was accurate, and there was a warmth and energy about her that put me at ease. I give her two thumbs—and big toes—up!

The confusion has lifted!

You are brilliant! I feel I’m able to trust you so completely, the layer of confusion has lifted and the distractions are just gone. You offer such deep insights and true guidance – you are a gem!

Breakthroughs, Peace, and Clarity

Working with Heather is a joy. My soul reading was very accurate and felt in alignment with who I am. Since the reading I have been having wonderful breakthroughs and insights that are bringing me more peace, clarity and closer to my goals.

More energy and now I act without delay

The difference in my energy is profound and wonderful! It affects every single aspect of my life in a positive way. I am really grateful I’ve done the energy learning and work on myself these past years, because I can really feel and trace how different it is. I am not exhausted! I am able to do everything without delays, setbacks, etc. and it’s fabulous for me, my family, and my kids. It’s as if in the past I was a broken-down Jeep with a temperamental engine, sputtering on and off and backfiring, and now I’m a humming Ferrari. Yet I know I have to use the energy positively. I have to take care of myself and my body and everything I’ve learned still applies. It’s almost as if, I had to learn how to treat my body and my energy correctly, before it was given to me this way.


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Raves for Business Alignment

I’ve quadrupled my income!

Within 2 weeks of my Business Alignment with you, my income was almost 4 times what it had been.

And the best part? Within a month of my Business Alignment my income was OVER 4 times what it was–and it has consistently STAYED that way!

My business shot up!

OMG, my business shot up!!!! Thank you.


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Raves for Intuitive Readings and Coaching

I got a sense of direction, which is what I needed.

I’ve had an idea for a business venture, but I wasn’t sure how to move forward. I thought an entrepreneur’s class would help, but was concerned that it might not be worth my time and investment. So, when I had an opportunity to work with Heather, I jumped at the chance to get a little more insight. Her reading indicated that the class might keep me from thinking big. That was all I needed. If I’m supposed to be thinking big, then I should be moving forward. I took the class—keeping an eye out for things that might limit me—and the investment was well worth it.

My session with Heather was a lovely, affirming experience. She’s positive and personable and has a great laugh. She’s a person who can always see the silver lining. Heather’s reading gave me a sense of direction and peace of mind about my decision.

Heather is a natural channel

When it comes to Heather, I feel like a mother hen … she’s such a sincere, down-to-earth person that I want to help her succeed. I’ve been an oracle for four years, and Heather is a member of my Oracle Circle. She wanted my feedback on her skills as a channel, so she offered to give me a reading. I was amazed! Heather’s responses to my questions were right on the money. She even used some of the same words as two of my colleagues (both channels). Our session was delightful; filled with fun and light.


I came to realize that Heather doesn’t need my help. She is a natural channel. I’m impressed with how she has quickly come into her own … delivering an accurate, clear, and confident message. I definitely consider Heather a colleague of the highest degree.

Clarity and confidence

I feel better than I’ve felt for a long time. I just keep going–I have 2-3 times the energy I had before! We’ve only been working together for a short time and I feel like I’ve come a long, long way. I highly recommend this [Business Alignment and Mindset Coaching] to anyone. I’m clear about my business, and more confident than ever before in what I do.


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Raves for Courses and Programs

Get where you want to be one baby step at a time

For me, the biggest take-away from the stress mastery course was that it doesn’t have to be “all or nothing.” You can get where you want to be by taking baby steps. For example, during the six-week course, I discovered I have sensitivity to gluten (I probably wouldn’t have even realized I have sensitivity if we hadn’t talked about food triggers). For me to eliminate gluten from my diet overnight would be impossible. I would feel deprived and even more stressed. I like that I can take baby steps.


Dr. Clark is very encouraging. She’s able to relate as a friend while still maintaining her creds as a professional. She weaves her own experiences into the lessons, making it personal. Dr. Clark’s got the science to support her teachings and the life experiences to support her students.

Transform the way you look at stress

Heather Clark is a caring, authentic, and professional instructor, and her stress mastery course gives you a LOT to think about. I must admit, I felt overwhelmed at times. So it was nice to have a whole week between sessions to digest the information and figure out how to incorporate the strategies into my daily routine. Also, whenever I had questions or didn’t quite understand something, I could always go to the class’s Facebook group or listen to the recorded lesson again. Mastering my stress is going to be an ongoing process; however, Heather’s course transformed the way I look at stress, making it less stressful.


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Raves for Burnout Recovery Programs

I feel better!

As a result of being in the program I feel better. I feel like I have better sleep patterns and I’d say better energy in the morning, which I really was more dragging myself out of bed. And I am less caffeinated, so that is good. I probably won’t give up the caffeine entirely, though. Once I realized my adrenals were not as shot as I thought, “Wow I don’t need to pump them up as much but I can enjoy coffee.”


I really like the schedule that Dr. Clark gave me. You know, I think the ease of knowing when to take the supplements and just doing it and having it done for the day, having the schedule.


Just learning more about your body and your adrenal glands and how important they are and also the functions of thyroid and how everything is connected is great. It shows that it all works together or it doesn’t work very well at all.


I definitely recommend this program to other people, and I have. A friend of mine has been looking for something, she has a friend who has some serious autoimmune issues and she’s looking around for different avenues. Even though this program doesn’t address everything with autoimmune problems, getting the adrenals supported and back in line helps the body deal with everything else.


I think the biggest obstacle that I overcame to participate in the program was financial. The fact that I was able, with working, to be able to do the program even though it is not covered by insurance made the difference; my mindset wasn’t an obstacle at all. But you know I just made the decision to do it, that I was important enough to do it, and I wanted to find out.


I just feel that sometimes when you hear people say, “Well if it is not covered by insurance I never would do it.” And I just think but not everything that’s good for you is going to be taken care of for you. For some things we have to investigate ourselves.


I really feel like sometimes it is taking ownership of what I need to do for myself and not putting a dollar sign on it, which is hard to do. Even though I’ve only been in the program about 3 months, I definitely feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.


The other obstacle was really that I didn’t know that a program like this was out there. I really did not understand the variety of tests that can be done. You know, I thought most work was done through blood work, but you can tell a lot from the saliva tests that show what your body needs.


One of the things I really like about Dr. Clark is the fact that she looks at the person as the whole person and not just as a medical issue. She looks at what can be done to just figure out what’s going on, not to just say, “Take ten of these and call me in a year and we’ll see how you are.” But the follow through and the follow up is good.


I got my life back!

For me, the main benefit of the program was getting my life back! It has been a struggle for the last 15 years, but the last 2 1/2 years have been the worst. I had gotten to the point where I was so exhausted that I couldn’t get out of bed-I felt like I couldn’t do anything.


My life had essentially stopped because I had trouble working. I wasn’t doing anything fun anymore because I physically couldn’t.


I have my life back; what I would consider a normal life where I can actually get out of bed in the morning, feel good, and go be a productive person in the world.


I was skeptical, but not anymore!

When I first heard about Vibrant, I was suspicious. I work in the healthcare industry, and I’m always leery about the latest healthcare “fads.” It was hard to believe that, by simply taking supplements, I could overcome whatever it was that was sucking all the energy out of me. It sounded too good to be true.


By the time I met Dr. Clark at a women’s expo, I was feeling really cruddy. I had absolutely no energy—it was a struggle to go to work every day—and I was plagued with forgetfulness. To top it off, I was suffering from fibromyalgia.


I knew I needed to take better care of myself, but I didn’t know where to start. I had tried Centers for Nutrition, but I felt it was too restrictive. I had also tried Weight Watchers, but I didn’t feel as though they addressed the real problem. So, after talking with Dr. Clark (an experienced pharmacist) and doing some research on functional medicine, I decided to give Vibrant a try.


I was totally taken by surprise! In a short period of time, I acquired a much better sense of well-being. I feel like myself again.


I like that the program is individualized. It’s easy. It’s portable. It’s covered by my healthcare spending account. (I REALLY like that!) And the program is “one and done”—I don’t have to take Vibrant supplements the rest of my life.


I highly recommend both Dr. Clark and the Vibrant program! For other skeptics out there, all I can say is call Dr. Clark. She’s easy to talk to and she understands what you’re going through. I’m glad I made the call; it was life-changing.


It works.

Now that I’ve been in the program about 3 months, I’ve found that I wake up in the morning and I am more energetic and then I don’t have that major crash at 2 to 5 p.m. At around 9:30-10:00 I want to fall asleep and like a normal person, which is nice, as opposed to being up till 3 a.m. lying in bed just not knowing if I’ll ever get to sleep and looking at the clock and knowing I have to get up in a few more hours.


A major help in the beginning was having a list of foods to eat and not eat – I really enjoyed that. Also, the schedule for using the different supplements and things like that help out a lot in keeping my moods regular and getting me back on track. So I do like that. And I like the openness of talking to Dr. Clark, where I can email her whenever I need to. That’s nice as well.


I would recommend this program – and I have!


I think this program could definitely help a lot of people. A lot of my friends are insomniacs and they fall asleep during the day and they have no energy. And a lot of people have been asking me what I’ve been doing differently and I just let them know; they’re kind of amazed by it and just want to do the program themselves.


I think one of the main obstacles of the program for me was financial. Just getting those tests in the beginning was a little bit high and that was definitely a commitment for me, but luckily for me I had a friend who helped me out.


For everybody who is addicted to coffee like I was, that’s the hardest part of the process, I think. If you really want to commit, for my particular program anyway, I had to quit caffeine all the time and that was a big deal, but you do get through it.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel, just keep going and keep on the plan because it works.


Now I have my ideal career and better relationships

I found myself on Heather’s site and knew within minutes that I needed her help. I was suffering from burnout and it was going on for several years without realizing it. After tests confirmed her prognosis, she started me on a vitamin/hormone therapy; however, soon afterwards, Heather became aware of a deeper, more spiritual need.


This is where I really started to see a change.


As much as I needed the previous therapy for a few months, Heather could sense my need for more spiritual work due to my past and present circumstances. I am so incredibly grateful for this remarkable, dedicated, loving and creative individual. Her special talents have led me to a more fulfilled and happy existence. I am now working in a career that is ideal for me and my family loves the new “old” original me, the me that was meant to shine since the day I was born.


Thank you Heather and God bless!

Finally! Someone who could help me!

You wouldn’t believe the number of doctors who told me nothing was wrong. I had sinus problems, insomnia, headaches, fatigue; I had come down with strep; and I felt lousy all the time. But the doctors said nothing was wrong.


My wife, who is a health coach, suggested that I see Dr. Clark, but I was skeptical. I didn’t know anything about functional medicine, so I was out of my comfort zone. Then I met with Dr. Clark, and she told me about her personal experience with adrenal fatigue and burnout. Everything she said sounded so familiar. I knew she understood what I was going through. With a quick test, we determined that I had extremely low levels of cortisol, which were causing many of my other ailments.


I’ve been working with Dr. Clark to balance my levels of cortisol. We discuss stressors in my life and make adjustments to my diet, my lifestyle, and my dietary supplements. In the past nine months, there’s been significant improvement in my health, state of mind, quality of life, sleep pattern, and ability to cope with stress. So, if doctors say there’s nothing wrong, but you know there is, see Dr. Clark.

Best choice I ever made. Worth every penny!

I believe there is a place for all types of healthcare: traditional Western medicine, Eastern medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, meditation, etc. But, based on my own experience, American doctors focus too much on fixing symptoms—they don’t treat the whole person.


I’ve suffered from clinical depression for over 20 years, and, for the past couple of years, I’ve also struggled with adrenal fatigue. I’ve tried numerous therapies to overcome my illnesses: walking, changing my diet, self-medication, colon cleanse… nothing helped. As a matter of fact, the colon cleanse made things worse. When I heard Dr. Clark speak about Vibrant, I thought, “Oh my gosh! This makes sense!” I immediately set up an appointment with Dr. Clark and started the Vibrant program.


Admittedly, I was initially concerned about the cost of the program. However, I quickly came to the realization that (1) my health is far more important than the cost; (2) I had spent more money on “remedies” that did not work; (3) the quality of the supplements is high; and (4) I’d have the support of Dr. Clark.


Dr. Clark is the program’s biggest asset. She really cares about people and wants to help them. She has a background in pharmaceuticals, so she knows what she’s talking about. She is genuine, accessible, positive, and extremely supportive—she won’t let you fail. Worth every penny.

Difficult? Not when your health is at stake.

I suffered from adrenal fatigue for over four years. I was exhausted all the time, had frequent headaches, and my brain was in a fog by the end of each day. I felt awful. Blood tests were used to provide information about my adrenal fatigue, and eventually, after three years, and based on blood work, it appeared that my adrenal fatigue had been resolved. I continued to experience bouts of fatigue, and after six months, I returned to my doctor for more testing. The results in August indicated that my cortisol and estrogen levels were only slightly low. My doctor recommended staying on the supplements that I had been on in the past.


I heard about Dr. Clark and attended a workshop she provided. Within one week, I was in her office, had a saliva test, and discovered I had stage three adrenal fatigue. Without a second thought, I began the Vibrant program. I felt confident that Dr. Clark could help me due to her credentials – a doctorate in pharmacy.


The Vibrant program not only introduces a regimen of dietary supplements, but also encourages appropriate exercise and eliminates problematic foods such as gluten, dairy, soy, and others. Some people may find it difficult to restrict themselves, but I did not because I was so sick. I just wanted to get well.


The program is not hard for me to follow. The structure and accountability of the Vibrant program is a big help. Without that structure, I would have found it difficult to be compliant with the plan for change in my diet and intake of supplements. Dr. Clark organized the plan and information regarding what supplements to take, how much to take, and what time of day to take them. With Vibrant, I just followed the steps! Dr. Clark also counseled me on what type of exercise to take during the period of extreme adrenal fatigue.


I feel fortunate to have discovered Dr. Clark. No one is more compassionate and encouraging than she. With Dr. Clark in my corner, the Vibrant program was definitely doable!


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