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Becoming Unshakable: What Does it Take?

What does it take to become unshakable? Seriously—what would it take for you to become unshakable? To be so solidly you, connected to your own center that you are not buffeted about by external cir…
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Stress is any challenge to normal balance

What is stress?

Stress is any challenge to normal balance. Stress is pressure or tension exerted on something (or someone). A state of strain or tension. A constraining force or influence. Stress occurs in response t…
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The Practice of Ho’oponopono

  Ho’oponopono is a simple process to get freedom & forgiveness.   Process: First, bring to mind a person, situation, or really anything you’d like to change. Then say–with…
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The Drama Triangle

Sometimes when we’re in stress we jump onto the Drama Triangle in particular conflict roles. Watch to see where you might be on the Drama Triangle and how you can spin your triangle to the Freed…
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What is SRS?

Your stress response system or SRS connects your mind and body so you react to situations without thinking about them. Your SRS is a key player in helping you to quickly react to dangerous or stressfu…
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What Kind of Stress Do You Have?

Stress. We all have it and experience it in our everyday lives. Based on study by the American Psychological Association in August 2012, 35 percent of Americans said their stress level increased th…
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Hormonal Imbalance: Cause and Effects

Stress. It’s a common factor in every person’s life. But when stress goes unmanaged, it can drastically affect your health and your quality of life. When stress is not properly managed, it can aff…
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