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Top Tips to Tackle Stress

Here Bev Roberts and I riff on the top tips to tackle stress. from Bev: In this Top Tips I speak with author, speaker, functional medicine specialist and CEO of Vibrant Again; Dr. Heather Clark, Phar…
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Resisting the Dragon

I’ve spent the last couple of days immersed in the idea of resistance. I’ve been looking at how & why problems arise when we aren’t being our authentic selves, and developing str…
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Soul on the Run

Listen in to my conversation with Jennifer Urezzio on her podcast, Soul on the Run.
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Hey! Where’s My Transformation?

When transformations don’t work Has this ever happened to you? You learn about a new class, program, or process that seems like it will solve all (well, most…) of your problems. Hallelujah…
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