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Authenticity Empowers

So, Dr. Heather, what do you do?   How to answer? I coach people to prevent and recover from burnout. I remove the blocks that prevent people from being who they want to be. I empower burned out p…
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Blurple? My Lollipop Moment

Red, blue, yellow, green, blurple. Blurple? I was sitting knee to knee with a friend and colleague, and we were doing an exercise about being present. This involved me saying colors, and her repeating…
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The many faces of resistance

Resistance: the ability to prevent, oppose, withstand, or strive against an action or thing. In physics or chemistry, this property of opposing is harnessed to create change or act as a protector agai…
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Confusion is a choice.

Confusion—a choice Power in clarity now Know yourself, your soul I’m calling it my “clarity haiku.” You may (or may not) have heard the phrase “confusion is a choice.” …
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A sneaky little way to NOT own your power

This past weekend we participated in a demonstration of a Peruvian shamanic healing ritual.  I was keenly interested, as I’d never seen one before.   The shaman leading the ceremony explained…
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Can you have control over abundance?

Just a short time ago I thought that abundance was something that just happened.  Sort of like luck (or the weather), abundance seemed like something that a person had no control over whatsoever.  Y…
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