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The many faces of resistance

Resistance: the ability to prevent, oppose, withstand, or strive against an action or thing. In physics or chemistry, this property of opposing is harnessed to create change or act as a protector agai…
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Confusion is a choice.

Confusion—a choice Power in clarity now Know yourself, your soul I’m calling it my “clarity haiku.” You may (or may not) have heard the phrase “confusion is a choice.” …
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A sneaky little way to NOT own your power

This past weekend we participated in a demonstration of a Peruvian shamanic healing ritual.  I was keenly interested, as I’d never seen one before.   The shaman leading the ceremony explained…
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Can you have control over abundance?

Just a short time ago I thought that abundance was something that just happened.  Sort of like luck (or the weather), abundance seemed like something that a person had no control over whatsoever.  Y…
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My Brain is a Border Collie

Twelve years ago this week I adopted my dog, Baxter.  At the shelter they warned me that because he is a Border Collie mix he would be a high energy dog.  I thought I understood what “high energy …
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Your inner willful child

It’s reality check time. If you’re like me (and if you’re reading this, odds are good that we’ve got some things in common) it’s possible—in fact, likely—that your life is being run by a…
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