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Motivational speaker with fresh perspectives and practical insights.

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Motivating presence

Value for you and your audience

Imagine your group connected, engaged, and empowered to take action; this is exactly what happens after a training with me.

Help your audience launch their transformation. Easily deliver the value you desire at your event. Get positive feedback from your attendees.

Complex, difficult topics become easy to understand and fun at your event. 

Change doesn’t have to be hard work!

Fresh perspectives

Unique blend of science + intuition

Help your audience connect and energize their life, body, and business.

Give your audience simple tools to eliminate stress, burnout, and drama. Help them find joy and inspiration, even in the midst of chaos.

I teach and train groups of all sizes to shift their reality to bring freedom, vitality, and peace.

True connection

Humor and learning

I have attended way too many ‘lectures’ long on problems and short on solutions. Too many “Dr. I’m-gonna-read-my-slides-to-you” presenters.

Not cool. Not engaging. Snooze-o-rama.

Instead, I prefer to shed light on the REAL root problem, and teach a framework of how to eliminate the problem. 

With authentic rapport with the audience, I confidently handle the room and deliver inspiring, informative–and entertaining–presentations.

Practical insights

Timely topics, real application

Teaching and training on stress, burnout, adrenal fatigue, compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, profound self-care, resilience, using authenticity as your GPS, change management, and shifting your reality.

Popular titles include:

  • Burnout, Stress Syndrome, & Adrenal Fatigue: Unraveling the Causes, Confusions, & Cures 
  • Profound Self Care: Stress Busting Strategies to Raise Resilience and Banish Burnout
  • Shift Your Reality: How to Stop Walking on Eggshells and Show Up in Your Own Life
  • Supercharge Your Energy: 3 Strategies for Limitless Vitality
  • Breakdown or Breakthrough? Transforming Resistance into Results

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