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Eliminate stress and burnout.
Close your Identity Gap™

Energize your life, body, and business.

Everything I do is to help you close your Identity Gap™.

Why? Because the Identity Gap™ is THE ROOT CAUSE of stress. Stress is the THE ROOT CAUSE of most problems in your life. Your health. Your business.

Stress, exhaustion, and not making the money you want are FANTASTIC feedback tools. This is your soul’s way of telling you that you are off course. You aren’t being the real you. That you have an Identity Gap™.

HOW do we work together?

We connect via phone or Skype, and then the magic begins.

Here’s the deal:  I have lots of different diplomas, trainings, tools, and certifications to my name.  For coaching, I don’t like to get locked into using one particular tool if another is better (ever tried driving a nail with a screwdriver?  It can be done, but it isn’t the most efficient way).

Partial modality/tool list:

  • Functional Medicine Specialist, certified in the Kalish Method for adrenal (including adrenal fatigue) and hormonal balance, detox, and digestive issues.
  • Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Level 3, Soul Realignment for Business, Manifesting Blueprint.
  • PSYCH-K® Advanced Facilitator to clear subconscious beliefs
  • AFFECT System™ to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs, and transform resistance into results

Plus I’m still pharmacist, trained in selecting and monitoring therapy with medication and supplements–one doesn’t simply forget all of that.  I draw on everything I’ve ever learned to help my clients close the Identity Gap™.  And sometimes I’m guided to do something completely new in service to my clients.

Look, I never expected this.  I started in business by creating a program to help people recover from burnout using mostly supplements and lifestyle changes.  As a pharmacist, I didn’t used to ‘believe in’ supplements (we were often taught that supplements didn’t work).  So for years, the most controversial thing I’d done was to use supplements to help people feel better.  Now, in addition I also help people clear patterns, beliefs, attitudes and circumstances. I’m committed to using whatever method is right for you to help you close your Identity Gap™ so you can live the amazing life you’re designed to live.

You are unique.  You are complicated.  I freaking love that about you!  If you’re drawn to work with me, chances are ‘normal’ methods and one-size-fits-most programs simply do not get you the results you need (even if they ‘should’).  Let’s talk about how I can help you.


Real Clarity Call


Ways to work with me include:

  • The Burnout Cure™–Comprehensive burnout and adrenal fatigue recovery program
    21 Day Transformation
  • 21 Day Transformation™ — Find out who you are at soul level, and easily and painlessly clear the blocks and restrictions to BEING who you really are (even if you’ve been blocked for years). Based on Soul Realignment™.
  • Biz Alignment–Diagnose and treat the energy flow in your business. Business is a value creation structure that converts effort to money and joy. Too much effort, not enough money, and/or not enough joy? You business is misaligned.
  • Identity Gap Map™— Learn who you are at soul level, and find out just how big your Identity Gap™ is…and what actions to take to easily close it in the most stress-free way possible. For people who want clarity and a plan to close their Identity Gap™ to create energetic alignment throughout their entire life.
  • PSYCH-K®–Sessions to clear unhelpful subconscious beliefs and ‘install’ beliefs that serve you
  • Alignment coaching — custom packages designed around YOUR Truth and what YOU need

But wait — I think I have burnout!

I am still accepting burnout clients at this time. I am ridiculously good at helping people recover from burnout quickly, safely, and permanently. In fact, when people take the “do-it-yourself” approach, they typically spend about 4-5 years to get it done.  Depending on where you start, with my program you can be recovered in as little as 4 MONTHS.  Big difference.  Tell me, what could you accomplish in those ‘extra’ 4 years of feeling fabulous?

Let’s have a conversation to see if the program is a fit for you.

Real Clarity Call

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