Margot Schulman

Clear and supportive

I LOVED the meditation last night. Your voice and energy were so clear and supportive and lovely!!!

Stephanie Mallett

Instant shift with one simple tool

Dr. Clark gave me one simple, highly effective tool for navigating my life, “Checking in with myself.” It consisted of two simple questions. I reflected and once I identified the source of the dilemma I asked the questions to myself. … Read More

Calm, clarity–and more energy right away!

Dr. Clark helped me identify why I was feeling burnt out. After our initial conversation I decided to do a Karmatic Healing. Dr. Clark led me through the session and I felt more aligned with myself than I had in … Read More

The support to tune into your own guidance

Many people in the world will tell you to follow your heart, your intuition, or your own inner guidance.  Few people in the world will teach you how to actually tune into that voice or give you the unconditional support … Read More

All anger and negativity is gone

My project partner and I could both feel the differences in the building after your work was done. There is a wonderful sense of calmness, and things are getting done.   Before the property clearing we kept having major setbacks … Read More

Heather is a natural channel

When it comes to Heather, I feel like a mother hen … she’s such a sincere, down-to-earth person that I want to help her succeed. I’ve been an oracle for four years, and Heather is a member of my Oracle … Read More

My reading was so accurate, it was scary

I’ve gone down numerous career paths in my lifetime, from marketing to nonprofit work to substitute teaching to hospice care. Each step gets me closer to my true calling as a healer. I’ve always been a healer, but I’ve pretty … Read More

Clarity and confidence

I feel better than I’ve felt for a long time. I just keep going–I have 2-3 times the energy I had before! We’ve only been working together for a short time and I feel like I’ve come a long, long … Read More