Nat Couropmitree

Bring out greater clarity

Grateful for you Heather! You have a beautiful gift for tuning in and asking the ‘right’ question to bring out greater clarity.

Margot Schulman

Clear and supportive

I LOVED the meditation last night. Your voice and energy were so clear and supportive and lovely!!!

I love the passion and enthusiasm that Dr. Clark has.

I enjoyed that the presentation was a casual, interactive conversation.

Authentic, informative, energetic!

It is refreshing to focus on freedom and self-care. Excellent speaker with wonderful energy.

Enjoyed the topic, the open dialogue, and Heather’s persona.

Loved it! So refreshing! Very engaging presentation and presenter.

Dr. Clark is very skillful in breaking down a very complicated subject into understandable units

I love it when really knowledgeable people have a skill set for presenting!! This was not only an enjoyable presentation to view–but very informative.