Aime Miyamoto

Deep listening to Unlock Your Potential

Heather, you are a truly deep and genius listener and synthesizer who conjures up even deeper magic with your powerful potential unlocking inquiry!!! Sooo sooo good!

I loved the invitation to consider new ideas!

It is refreshing to focus on freedom and self-care. Excellent speaker with wonderful energy.

I was wary of another “self care” fear inducing talk, but this was so enlightening and applicable–“hope inducing” for me and clients. Loved it!

THANK YOU! That was so good yesterday. It really gave me a huge shift in what profound self-care is.

A new way of looking at and prioritizing self in self-care.

She explained true principles in a different way than I’ve heard before.

The tips given to really think differently in the perspectives of I have to or have no choice. And use words that don’t allow others to pull you into their stress or complaints.

Changing the perspective! Loved the info about mindset and mindfulness, loved the energy info!

You piqued my interest and motivated me to make more changes in my life.