Nat Couropmitree

Bring out greater clarity

Grateful for you Heather! You have a beautiful gift for tuning in and asking the ‘right’ question to bring out greater clarity.

Aime Miyamoto

Deep listening to Unlock Your Potential

Heather, you are a truly deep and genius listener and synthesizer who conjures up even deeper magic with your powerful potential unlocking inquiry!!! Sooo sooo good!

Margot Schulman

Clear and supportive

I LOVED the meditation last night. Your voice and energy were so clear and supportive and lovely!!!

I appreciated Dr. Clark’s honesty, and the exercises & examples.

Heather gave simple & honest feedback to the audience–loved it!

I love the passion and enthusiasm that Dr. Clark has.

Very practical, very relatable.

This feels doable!!

I enjoyed that the presentation was a casual, interactive conversation.

I loved the invitation to consider new ideas!