I got a sense of direction, which is what I needed.

I’ve had an idea for a business venture, but I wasn’t sure how to move forward. I thought an entrepreneur’s class would help, but was concerned that it might not be worth my time and investment. So, when I had an opportunity to work with Heather, I jumped at the chance to get a little more insight. Her reading indicated that the class might keep me from thinking big. That was all I needed. If I’m supposed to be thinking big, then I should be moving forward. I took the class—keeping an eye out for things that might limit me—and the investment was well worth it.

My session with Heather was a lovely, affirming experience. She’s positive and personable and has a great laugh. She’s a person who can always see the silver lining. Heather’s reading gave me a sense of direction and peace of mind about my decision.