Instant shift with one simple tool

Dr. Clark gave me one simple, highly effective tool for navigating my life, “Checking in with myself.” It consisted of two simple questions. I reflected and once I identified the source of the dilemma I asked the questions to myself. Instantly I felt an energetic/emotional shift. I felt lighter and empowered.

I found that the strategy had carry-over. I used it for navigating daily bumps or simple check-ins with myself to promote authenticity. As a side note, I found using the strategy was promoting growth and authenticity in my close relationships.

The real payoff was when I faced another life cross roads. I had a boundary that needed attention. Because I had been practicing the use of the strategy I didn’t have to wait and address the concern later; I was able to effectively move into the present moment and generate an immediate solution. I asked myself the questions and confirmed that the boundary still had a good purpose for me. This strategy prevented me from creating emotional turmoil for myself and happened to prevent me from creating harm for another.

I’m grateful for the time she spent with me in consultation; her approach was gentle and highly effective. As a teacher she used clear, easy instructions and provided an atmosphere safe for trying something new. Finally Dr. Clark’s approach was empowering, she provided just enough guidance for me to venture out of my comfort zone and ask the hard questions, she allowed me to independently take those steps.

I would highly recommend her as a coach, she provides a safe space for learning, an open nonjudgmental space to discuss areas of concern, and she is an outstanding mentor while you’re learning and mastering new skills.