My reading was so accurate, it was scary

I’ve gone down numerous career paths in my lifetime, from marketing to nonprofit work to substitute teaching to hospice care. Each step gets me closer to my true calling as a healer. I’ve always been a healer, but I’ve pretty much kept that to myself because I didn’t want people to think I’m nutty. It’s been only recently that I’ve started to share my experiences.


I asked Heather to do a reading to help me figure out what’s keeping me from bringing my skills together in my career and my life. And what skills do I have that I might be overlooking. Heather’s reading was so accurate, it was scary. I know it was accurate because, when I experience truth, I feel it in my body, and my body was tingling throughout the session. Healing definitely happened.


My experience with Heather was great, and I highly recommend her services. Her reading was accurate, and there was a warmth and energy about her that put me at ease. I give her two thumbs—and big toes—up!