Now I have my ideal career and better relationships

I found myself on Heather’s site and knew within minutes that I needed her help. I was suffering from burnout and it was going on for several years without realizing it. After tests confirmed her prognosis, she started me on a vitamin/hormone therapy; however, soon afterwards, Heather became aware of a deeper, more spiritual need.

This is where I really started to see a change.

As much as I needed the previous therapy for a few months, Heather could sense my need for more spiritual work due to my past and present circumstances. I am so incredibly grateful for this remarkable, dedicated, loving and creative individual. Her special talents have led me to a more fulfilled and happy existence. I am now working in a career that is ideal for me and my family loves the new “old” original me, the me that was meant to shine since the day I was born.

Thank you Heather and God bless!