The Mind and Consciousness of a Master Healer

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jennifer Urezzio (catch the complete podcast here).

Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive, author, teacher and speaker. She specializes in helping people connect – to themselves, to each other, and to the Divine. She founded a new paradigm, Soul Language, which provides guidance for understanding our true nature and tools for accessing deeper levels of awareness. This new insight into how the Soul expresses itself is being embraced by top healers, lifestyle coaches, and CEOs all over the world as a method for helping people recognize their purpose and live from a place of power and truth.


Hello everyone and welcome. I am Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and Founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of the Soul and I’m here today with Dr. Heather Clark and we are talking about the mind and consciousness of a master healer.

Welcome, Heather.

Hello, thanks so much for having me.

I am so excited that you are here. Yay! I always like to start with the number one question of the show is what is your super power of your soul?

The super power of my soul is cosmic order and balance.

I would say the super power of my soul is cosmic order and balance.

I love that.

I’m a drama killer. I help people reestablish equilibrium and I just do it a lot of times without even being conscious of it.

Beautiful. How does that super power relate to your secret purpose and what would you consider your secret purpose?

Well, right now as I understand it, my secret purpose is to help people eliminate stress and burn out, and to stop creating drama, so it fits in beautifully. Then using a lot of tools of discernment to really help people tune into how to create that equilibrium for themselves.

Beautiful. Your work really reflects that, right? I mean, that’s … You kind of would be doing it even as a bartender and again, it’s like a delivery system for that but that’s always where you’re going to go for yourself and then what you’re going to lead people to do. Can you just briefly tell us how your work reflects your secret purpose?

Well, a lot of times when people come to me and they primarily work with healers and change agents, and these are people that have massive ability to create transformation for other people but a lot of times aren’t doing that for themselves, so they end up being really stressed out, burned out, or unconsciously creating a boat load of drama in their life. Really, it’s examining that what works for them, how to cut things away, discerning what’s actually a soul desire and what’s maybe coming from obligation. Just to really create a life that works for them that’s in balance so that they can go into the world and heal people and create more transformation for others.

Yeah, you know, I always say that … Like I call that spiritual exhaustion. I call that oh my God, you know, you’re going to be sitting on your couch eating cheese if we don’t take care of ourselves and I think that you know a lot of people call that self care and I think that area, and we’re going to talk about this later in the show, but that word self care is like a moving target and self love. Like what does that mean? I think one of the things that you do really well is you put some tangibility around how to take action on those two things for people.

Yeah, because it’s one thing to say you know, just be yourself and love yourself. Those are wonderful things, but how?


What does that look like?

What’s that look like? Yeah.

Yeah, so it’s really putting a lot of definite tangibility and where does the rubber meet the road? Whatever you’re doing, how can you apply that in your life? Because it’s one thing to do a lot of research and think about it and talk about it, and then it’s another thing to apply the information because if there’s no purpose for it, why spend time?

Right. What has been a common theme that your soul has shared with you, across your entire journey?

Oh, what a great question. I would say one of the common themes is creating circumstances that give me an opportunity to see no, I truly am already whole, complete, I’m perfect exactly as I am. I wasn’t seeing that and it’s one I could really start to even play with that as if it were true, when things began to really shift for me. I think that was one of the reasons why the universe brought me that horrible burn out I was in and recovered from because for me, it was the only thing that got me in a situation where I was nearly forced to release old ways of thinking and old ways of being, because it just didn’t work for me. Once I was able to well, what if that was true? It opened up all these other possibilities and I could truly step forward.

Yeah, you know, that’s really an interesting point. So often that big theme, where you can do the conscious side of that big theme or the unconscious side of that big theme and experience, right? My big theme has always been enough, right? I’ve had lots of ways that I could’ve seen that as oh, here’s an experience where yet again I’m not enough or wow, here’s an experience of how I’m enough depending on my … Just the way I was seeing it or my interpretation.

Your mind is always going to chase what you give it to chase and so the more that we can chase the big themes rather than chasing the unconsciousness of that big theme, the easier our life is going to be. For me, that’s less drama. I don’t know about for you, Heather, but …

Absolutely. That actually, it’s one of those … It feels like a throw away line and stop creating drama, but truly there is drama everywhere in most people’s lives and they’re not even aware of it and how they’re consciously or rather unconsciously creating and perpetuating it. It feels a little flip but it truly is just a choice, but you can’t really make that choice unless there’s some consciousness around it, so it’s really bringing consciousness to oh, this is what I’m choosing.

Oh, this sucks. I’ve been choosing victim energy and then flipping into a bully and then making it somebody else’s fault and then … You know, really perpetuating that cycle and it can be difficult to truly oh, that’s what I’m doing. Acknowledge and accept it, but once you do, that’s when you can actually get somewhere. That’s where you can … Where the rubber truly can meet the road, where you can get some friction and some traction so that you can move forward into what you truly desire.

Yeah, it’s about making conscious choices from a place of a clean slate rather than based on programming or past or what you think is going on. I think we tend to be … We can be really keenly aware of those situations, especially in family relationships. I think that’s a great time to practice the non drama and practice choice. I think with Master Healers, that’s a big area that they can kind of explore and grow. It becomes a living lab.

Well, exactly.

Before we have a break here, I have one last question for you. What is your … How does your soul, besides everything that we discussed today, how does your soul also support others?


It’s all about helping people connect to their own soul.

Oh, by helping people dig down and getting to that solid foundation that truly works for them. It’s all about helping people connect to their own soul, connecting to their own authenticity, and using that as a GPS. It’s dismantling all the old structures that somebody else installed for you and discovering what of it works for you and what doesn’t, and helping create their own. That’s why once you’ve got that solid foundation and then the tools to connect into what you truly desire, you get pulled toward what you truly want instead of having to push and claw and struggle to get there.

Yeah. You know, I think that … You guys will hear this time and time again, each guest in their own way is going to tell you okay, let’s connect. It’s all about connecting to that essential nature, whatever you call it. How do people get in touch with you? How do they learn more about Dr. Heather Clark?

They can go to my website at and I’ve got some good information there, and they can sign up for the newsletter to keep informed of different things and different writings that I’m doing.

Beautiful. Okay, everyone, stay tuned and we will be right back.

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