The Vibrant Holiday Thrival Guide


Vibrant Holiday Thrival GuideThe other day I received the first holiday survival guide of the season.  You know, the kind that contains helpful tips and tricks to help cope with the often-stressful holiday season.  Today, that just hit me wrong.  Why survive?  Why just get by?  When did the holiday season shift away from family, fellowship, and festivities to frenzied, frazzled and freakin’ tired?

I say we take back the holidays.  I don’t want to survive, I want to thrive!

Stop right there, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking something like “But you just don’t know my family” or “There isn’t a way to avoid the frantic pace.”  You can’t change your family, you can change your experience of your family.  You may not be able to avoid all of the frantic pace, but you can change your experience of the frantic pace.

Have I piqued your interest?

How is it possible that I can help you work this particular holiday season miracle? The same way I make husbands (and wives) easier to get along with and more cooperative in general: I help change your experience.  When you feel better, your world–and everything in it–is better.  Now, there isn’t time to totally shift your world by Thanksgiving (but we could get a good jump on it by Christmas), but I will share my top 5 tips to truly enjoy and thrive this holiday season.  Allow me to introduce the Vibrant Holiday Thrival Guide:

  1. Say no
  2. Focus on what’s going right
  3. Mindfully enjoy an indulgence or two
  4. Receive graciously
  5. Be thankful

Welcome to the Vibrant Holiday Thrival Guide weekly series!  Without further ado, let’s dig in to the nuts and bolts so you can apply these tips for a thriving holiday season.  Tip #1–>


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