Transformation on a dime

I don’t know about you, but I used to think that transformation was a big, long, DIFFICULT process. In fact, it can happen in an instant. Or in other words, the direction of your life can turn on a dime.

Say what?

I know for a fact it can happen. I just got back from a business retreat in Phoenix, where not only did I watch the transformation happen in an instant for others, it happened for me as well. Not in a year, not in a month, not in a week… in one moment.

full-of-lifeSome of us got rid of limiting beliefs, some of us opened our minds to new possibilities, and some of us saw ourselves in an entirely new light. For many, it was all three. In one moment the direction of our lives turned on a dime.

In every case, the transformation came from moving away from the identity (how you’re being) toward the soul (who you really are).  In short, the transformation came from leaping the Identity Gap.

One moment is all it takes to let go of an old belief, and make room for a new belief–and that can change your life.

All it takes is willingness, and a great coach.

In order to bring that experience to you, I’ve created an exciting new way to work with me and transform YOUR life in a moment!

Are you ready to turn your life around in an instant? Yes? Awesome!

Schedule your Soul Purpose VIP day today!

During our time together we’ll…

  • Identify how your identity is interfering with your happiness and the expression of your soul
  • Get to know who you really are
  • Learn to accept and love yourself
  • Learn ways to embody the truth of who you are

You’ll feel like a new person. In fact you will be a new person-you’ll be the REAL you.

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The Soul Purpose VIP day is for…

  • People who find themselves doing things they don’t really want to do
  • People who find themselves saying should, have to, ought to, need to
  • People who want an amazing life that lights them up

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