Vibrant Holiday Thrival Guide – Focus on the Good

The second installment of the Vibrant Holiday Thrival Guide–Tip #2: Focus on what’s going right

Silver lining

Focus on the good

Even if you’ve made the choice to fulfill what feels like an obligation…focus on the good in that decision (no matter how small).  Having trouble doing that?  Ask yourself: what’s right with it?  Let’s use the example from Tip #1 of visiting extended family in crummy weather when you’re really tired.  So, what’s right about that?  There could be many “rights,” including: you get to see a relative with failing health, you get to enjoy your Aunt’s cooking, or even that you get to stop by the outlet mall on the way home.


Start Low and Go Slow

Sometimes it is easier to start by ‘going low,’ that is, focus on anything positive, no matter how seemingly insignificant.  Start with phrases such as:  he’s always well groomed; how nice that she thought to bring candy; or I’m glad the traffic back-up only added 20 minutes to my commute.  After you get started by ‘going low,’ you’ll find that it is easier to think of other positives that feel more meaningful.


Invest Your Energy

In every situation, no matter how stressful, there is something good.  This doesn’t mean ignore or deny the bad, this means don’t give energy to the bad.  Give your energy and attention to the good, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant.  You’ll find that this gets easier the more you practice.

What we focus on grows.  To experience more good things, focus on the positives in every situation.


What’s going right in your situation?


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