Vibrant Holiday Thrival Guide – Gracious Receiving

The stress of receivingGracious receiving

A surprising way to remove stress is to become a gracious receiver, and the holiday season is the perfect time to hone this skill.  We have all experienced someone who didn’t appreciate our gift—an ungracious receiver.  In fact, you may be an ungracious receiver yourself and don’t even know it. More times than you’d think, receiving a gift is stressful.  Did I do anything for them? Will their gift be nicer than the one I have for them?  Do I deserve this gift?  The stress you experience isn’t necessary, and can stress the other person as well. I’m talking about more than tangible gifts.  When someone gives you a present (the kind with wrapping and a bow), chances are that you recognize it as a gift and know the socially appropriate way to react.  However, many among us do not graciously receive all the gifts we are given.

Recognize and graciously accept ALL of the gifts you are given

Open yourself to compliments, receive the gift of someone’s attention, let someone open a door for you, notice small courtesies, and allow others to positively affect your life.  Stop, smile, and experience their act of giving with a gracious act of receiving.  Complete the circle.  The giver will appreciate it, and so will you as your stress drops away.


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