What does mind-body connection sound like to you?

Simply enough, it is how it sounds, without adding all of the philosophical details in.

Mind Body Connection:

How your physical self and your conscious self, exchange information. This connection is the way your thoughts, feelings, reactions, decisions, and so forth communicate with and affect your physical self (and vice-versa). Both your mind and body are contributing factors, each reacts to the other.



When Damage Occurs

As mentioned in my last blog What Kind of Stress Do You Have stress is everywhere in our lives. What’s important is detecting what kind of stress it is. As you may remember, chronic stress changes how the mind works, how the body works, and how the mind and body communicate. Too much stress, and the mind-body connection gets overworked and damaged.

A damaged mind-body connection effect:

•   Analytical thinking
•   Judgment
•   Organization
•   Planning
•   Moderating social behavior
•   Working memory
•   Personality expression
•   Decision making
•   Working toward a goal
•   Prediction of outcomes
•   Determine good and bad

A damaged mind-body connection results in adrenal fatigue and alters how you see, interpret, and interact with the world.


How do I fix it?

Healing the mind-body connection begins with reducing stress through 3 simple steps

Sleep – get at least 8 hours each night.

Eat – reduce intake of the salty, sweet and fatty foods. Increase your protein intake.

Be mindful – Pay attention to how you feel, what you are doing, and why you are doing it.

While it does take more than that, those are the first 3 changes you need to make in your life to lead you towards healing. Interacting in meditation will also help. Take a moment several times a day to notice how you are breathing and feeling. Once you are aware of what is happening in your body, take several deep, slow breaths while noticing how you feel. It’s so simple, so inexpensive, and so powerful. This can really speed up the repair of the mind-body connection.

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