What is Stress?

Anything that keeps you away from being yourself causes stress
-Maya Tatareva

Anything can be a stress. Some stresses are good for you because they get you going, but others bring you down and can make you feel hopeless. When stress undermines our mental and physical health it can be bad for you.

When most of us think about stress, we think about family, job, or financial stresses. However, there are actually three different types of stress.

1.  Dietary & Lifestyle Stress

Believe it or not, what you eat and how you live creates stress. Food, exercise, rest, and recovery are all key elements in keeping a balanced life, free from all things that can add chaos.

• Right amount of food
• Right type of food
• Right times to eat
• Right amounts of the right type of exercise
• Enough sleep

2.  Pain & Inflammatory

Stress can form in many ways that you wouldn’t normally think of such as pain and inflammation. Some are obvious and some are may surprise you….

• Injury
• Surgery
• Headaches
• Parasites
• Infection
• Food reactions

3.  Mental & Emotional

Mental and emotional stress is the most common type of stress, and the one that we hear the most about. It does not matter if something should or shouldn’t bother you, but that it DOES bother you.

For example, losing your job can bring stress. The event itself doesn’t create the mental and emotional stress, but how we view the event (and the thoughts and beliefs surrounding the event) does.


At times, stress can be very overwhelming and make you feel out of control. Learning how to manage and take charge of your feelings can help you avoid endangering your health and well-being.

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