What You Can Expect from a Vibrant Treatment Plan

What You Can Expect from a Vibrant Treatment Plan


When I talk to or meet with a prospective client, one of the first questions I’m asked is “What can I expect when it comes to the treatment plan?” My initial answer: “It all depends on what your body needs to heal itself.”


Unlike conventional treatments that help manage or mask your symptoms, the treatment plans I administer are designed around the proven principles of functional medicine.


Functional medicine is all about looking beyond the symptoms and searching for the underlying cause or causes. By rooting out those underlying health issues, your body can receive the treatment it really needs. This allows you to not only find relief of your symptoms, but to heal.


No Two Treatment Plans are Alike


While many of the plans I administer have general similarities, no two treatment regimens are the same. Each is tailored to the specific needs of each client, and a lot is taken into consideration, such as:


  • the underlying source of your symptoms, which can include adrenal fatigue, a digestive disorder, problems involving the detoxification system, hormonal imbalance, or a combination of these issues.
  • your daily routine or lifestyle, including your sleeping habits, your diet and exercise regimen, alcohol consumption, etc.
  • possible sources of stress, which can stem from your job, financial difficulties, children, your relationship with your spouse or significant other, the recent loss of a loved one, and more.


The First Appointment


When you make an appointment with me, the first thing I do is perform a complete medical history (perhaps the most complete you’ve ever had). I also perform a complete medication and supplement review. I then assess the body system in question through a series of lab tests. While waiting for the results to come back, I start you on a lifestyle modification program, which typically involves stress reduction, diet, exercise, and better sleep habits.


After your lab results return, I review everything in detail and then design a tailored treatment program based around what your body needs to recover. This personalized program usually includes the lifestyle modifications already in place and supplements that are used to restore balance back to the impaired body system.


Lifestyle Modification Program


The lifestyle modifications I incorporate into client treatment plans often include:


  • stress-relief techniques
  • a personalized diet and exercise program
  • sleep modifications
  • suggestions for other healthy lifestyle changes


Lifestyle changes are the cornerstone of every effective treatment plan. That’s because more times than not it’s our daily routines or habits that cause our body systems to fall out of whack in the first place. For example, a common cause of hormonal imbalance is adrenal fatigue. What’s the most common cause of adrenal fatigue? Chronic stress!


When the body is under stress, the adrenal system produces certain hormones that the body needs to cope with the stress. When the stress subsides, the adrenal system stops producing those hormones so that the body can return back to normal. In cases of chronic stress, the adrenal system doesn’t have the downtime it needs to reset. As a result, it becomes overworked, the body receives too many stress hormones, and everything gets thrown off balance.


Supplement Program


The supplements used in my treatment plans include vitamins, minerals, natural plant-based hormones,  herbs, and sometimes other hormones. Each of the supplements I recommend are of the highest quality and contain the purest of pharmaceutical grade nutrients.


Adhering to the recommended supplemental regimen is an essential part of the healing process. Not only do they help to get the adrenal and hormonal systems back into proper balance, they can help you to feel better throughout the entire healing process.


When it comes to knowing exactly what your Vibrant treatment plan will involve, the only way to really know is to contact me. So feel free to email me anytime at drheather(at)myvibranthealth.com.  I’m happy to answer your questions and look forward to having the opportunity to design a treatment plan that will help you restore vitality and good health back to your life.



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