What’s Your Body Trying to Tell You?

What’s Your Body Trying to Tell You?—Discovering Your Path to Recovery


It wasn’t all that long ago when the good health I had always enjoyed began to decline. What started as an occasional day of feeling tired and run down eventually turned into constant fatigue. Not only was I exhausted physically, I also felt emotionally depleted. No matter how much I slept, I never felt refreshed.


With my symptoms beginning to affect my job and my personal life, I did what most people do and looked to the Internet for some answers. After discovering that my symptoms could be related to literally dozens of illnesses—some of which were really scary—I turned to my doctor for help. This led to referrals to numerous physicians along with a battery of tests. While I had convinced myself I had a serious disease, all of the tests came back normal and I was told there was “nothing wrong.”


Being a Doctor of Pharmacy with over a decade of traditional education, training, and clinical experience, as much as I wanted to believe the physicians, I knew that the chronic fatigue I was experiencing was not normal. My body was trying to tell me something, and I was determined to find some answers.


Through my persistence, I was eventually referred to a physician who practices functional medicine. After spending a great deal of time listening to my “saga,” she looked at me and said, “You have adrenal fatigue.”


A complete skeptic, I told her, “I went to school for a lotta years and I’ve never heard of that.” She then went on to explain the condition. When I asked her how to go about correcting the problem, she told me to use supplements. I looked at her (with my eyebrows knit together and lips pursed) and said, “Supplements. Really? Hmm.”


I didn’t believe that something as innocuous as supplements would have much of an effect on my very serious fatigue. But I was so desperate I was willing to try anything. So I took the supplements, and to my surprise, it worked. I was never so glad to be wrong in my life!


My experience with an illness that is often times not taken seriously by traditional doctors taught me that traditional medicine doesn’t always have the answers or solutions. If you’re finding yourself in the same situation, you’re not alone.


While your doctor may not have the answer, one thing is for sure—no one knows your body better than you. Just as you know when you’re feeling healthy, you know when something’s not right with your body.


My unwillingness to simply live with my symptoms not only helped me discover the path of recovery, it led me to dedicate my life to helping others with similar experiences as a Certified Functional Medicine Specialist.


Whereas traditional medicine focuses on treating the symptoms, I use the proven practices of functional medicine to get to the root of your chronic health issues so that you can restore your body back to its proper balance and enjoy good health for life.


If you’ve always considered yourself a generally healthy person but find yourself experiencing recurrent symptoms like fatigue, depression, joint pain, mood swings, headaches, or another annoying health problem, the source of your symptoms could be related to one or more of the following:


  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Problems with your detoxification system
  • A hidden digestive disorder


While these health problems are common, they often go undetected by family physicians. If you’ve explored various opinions and treatments with no relief from your symptoms, don’t give up. Your body and your instincts are what led you here. All it takes is one more step. Contact me today and together we’ll discover your path to recovery.


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