Why You May Feel Worse Before You Feel Better

The majority of people who undergo treatment for adrenal fatigue or dysfunction don’t have any problems with their programs; in fact, most people do great! But from time to time, someone will experience a few side effects along the way, especially within the first few days. These symptoms usually resolve on their own, however, and the adrenal rebalancing program works wonderfully. But what happens when it doesn’t?

While most of my clients feel better not long after they see me, some people return to me later on down the line complaining of feeling crummy. But these problems usually aren’t related to the adrenal rebalance program itself. Often times I find that the client is experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • A major lifestyle change, such as a divorce, loss of employment, financial troubles, etc.
  • Not following through with their commitment to their adrenal rebalance program
  • Unsupportive spouse, family or friends (maybe from jealousy or fear of being left behind)

Sometimes people feel crummy within the first 3-5 days of starting the supplement portion of their adrenal rebalancing program. This is usually due to what is known as the healing crisis, in where the body resets itself and begins to heal. Why does this happen?

One of the things the adrenal program does is improve your immunity. This increased immunity gives your body what it needs to take care of the problems it was previously “ignoring.” While all of this is great for your body and your health, unfortunately, it can sometimes make you feel lousy.  So, you are actually getting healthier while feeling worse.  Remember, symptoms lie!

Some of the most common symptoms of a healing crisis include:

  • Fatigue
  • Aches and pains
  • General malaise (a lack of energy)

There are times, however, when unpleasant symptoms persist. When this happens, it’s often an indication of another underlying health issue. One of those issues can be a severely overwhelmed detox system. But the most common problem is that of a hidden digestive infection.

If after starting your adrenal program you develop symptoms that persist beyond a week, I encourage you to see me as soon as possible so that we can perform digestive testing and take the necessary steps to rid your body of any hidden infection.

Undergoing treatment for a digestive infection doesn’t interfere with your adrenal rebalance program. Instead, it becomes a part of a more complete program.

One of the ways you can avoid feeling crummy after starting your adrenal rebalancing program is to opt for digestive testing at the very beginning. Identifying a hidden digestive infection ahead of time allows me to provide your body with the additional support it needs right from the start, which will lessen the effects of the normal healing crisis.

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