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Real healing. Real freedom.Be Vibrant Again. NOW.

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Heal your Identity Gap®, & Heal Your Life, Body, and Business

Eliminate stress, struggle, & drama
I guide change agents and healers to balance, harmony, & freedom…and to stop creating drama.Do what you do…better. 

Life Drama
Everything from relationships, money, career, lack of purpose & fulfillment, or having more accidents to downright weird shit that’s been showing up in your life (you might be having a spiritual awakening).

Health Drama
Everything from non-specific symptoms (like fatigue, malaise, or weird pain that comes and goes) to specific acute or chronic health challenges. Always also be in the care of a qualified medical professional.

Business Drama
Everything that shows up when you run a business; from employee or contractor issues, services not selling, marketing not working, or problem clients, to the plain and simple this isn’t fun anymore and/or I’m not making enough money at it.

“The only thing needed for magic to occur is some form of a structure and an open mind.”–Richard Rudd

Doing what you’ve always done is NOT WORKING anymore
And that sucks. And this is an amazing opportunity…you’ve simply outgrown your reality.Clear your path to peace, freedom, and prosperity.

Come play with me!
Having fun with difficult topics is my specialty. Things may be serious–and dire–for you…and shifting it can still be simple and fun.

There is no need to work hard–that’s old conditioning. The biggest, life-changing leaps are often made in a moment. A question. A shift in perception. A releasing of old baggage.Your job is to choose you, and be honest and open. My job is to help you pick the ‘game’ (the process) that will help you get your desired results at your chosen level of depth.

PSYCH-K® Sessions

Clear limiting beliefs in minutes

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21 Day Transformation

Create your breakthrough

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Coaching & Healing

Shift your reality

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Find your path to peace
I have several ways that we can work together, at varying levels of depth. Let’s talk, and together we discern what works for you.

Real Clarity Call

Get clear on your next steps

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