The Burnout Cure

The Burnout Cure
Adrenal fatigue recoveryRaise resilience, bring balance.

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What is burnout?
Exhaustion of physical, emotional, or mental strength or motivations from prolonged stress or frustration.

Time to get real about burnout
Banish burnout, heal adrenal fatigue. Quickly, safely, and permanently. 

Create momentum
Program designed specifically to create and maintain momentum with people like you in mind; driven, high performers with a commitment to excellence. Who aren’t yet quite where you want to be.

Avoid pitfalls
I’ve been there–I used to have severe burnout. I truly understand how horrible situations like yours are, and I know where many of the pitfalls are–and how to avoid them. 

More than just feel better
Most people start out simply wanting to feel a little better. Together we certainly do that and more; everything we’ll is geared to help you be: fully you, fully alive, NOW–no matter what. 

Finally! Someone who could help me! —Kyle C., Entrepreneur

Best choice I ever made. Worth every penny! —Sharon Padavic, Financial Analyst

I feel better! —Peggy P., Retired

IT WORKS. —Emily O., Pilates Instructor

I was skeptical, but not anymore! —Annith W., mother of 2

 Now I have my ideal career and better relationships. —Lynn Nagora., Virtual Assistant

Real Results
Unconventional approach for results seemingly outside of the ordinary rules of life.

Get your life back
Yes, you’ll certainly have more energy and feel better…that’s easy. You’ll also create a life that consistently brings you joy. 

Transform stress
Master stress-busting strategies that raise resilience and banish burnout. Eliminate struggle. Find your equilibrium.

Establish a solid foundation
Cut away all that doesn’t serve you to establish a solid foundation of support. More ease. Renewed connection. Trust yourself.

Real Fast
Using a program to recover isn’t required…it just takes longer (and can be heartbreaking).

Estimated Recovery Time

Clear expectations
Actual time to complete recovery depends on where you’re starting from, and your willingness/ability to take responsibility and make new choices

Feel dramatically better
Most people typically feel much better after a few to several weeks in the program. A few feel much better the first week; your mileage may vary.

Well on your way
You may not be 100% recovered at the end of 6 months; if you follow the program you will be well on your way. There is an option to continue on past the 6 months.

Real Simple
Focused, proven system to help you recover. Take baby steps to your quantum leap.

 1Your particular needs are discovered through an assessment, your history, your goals, and laboratory testing.

 2Dynamic plan to address your unique needs, including mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, supplement support, and skills.

 3Your plan’s small, easy-to-follow steps take you to a fast, safe, and permanent recovery—without the need for lifelong supplements.

Real Support
I am your recovery guide, providing education and coaching, with the power of having recovered from severe burnout myself.

Holistic — all aspects; physical, emotional, mental, spiritualHealing —  dynamic, process of restoring wholeness Root cause — addressing the heart of the matter, not fooling around with symptomsAlign — clear what’s in the way, align with your true natureTransform — beyond change; a new way of being

Serving with Superpowers
Listening through love — experience the power of being truly witnessedDiscernment wielded with empathy — cut away all that is not serving you and/or clouding your perceptionsCreating balance and harmony — especially in crisis or chaosCatalyzing energy flow — break free blocked vital energyTeaching systems — empowering you to find your own path

Real Structure
The Burnout Cure is a personalized, custom tailored program that contains these elements:

21 Day Transformation (shaves months off recovery time)4 point saliva cortisol lab testReview of your medical and stress historyDynamic, personalized recovery planOngoing coaching (3-4 times monthly)Six month commitment; I discovered that living into this commitment improved recovery.

Bonuses (yay!)

20% discount on supplements
I recommend professional supplements to ensure safe, consistent high quality.

Unlimited email/text support
Dealing with issues is so much easier as they arise! Reach out, be supported.

Flexibility in structure
Together we create structures that work for you, meeting you where you are at.


Very little ‘hands on’ activity directly separate from your own life (beyond our coaching calls). You may be encouraged to nap more, carve out time for Profound Self-Care, or other such things.

Financial investment for the program is in the moderate 4 figures. Supplement costs vary, from $0 (slower but possible) on up. Average supplement cost for the full 6 months is a few to several hundred dollars.

Turns the promise into reality. Requires a willingness to commit, to take responsibility (not blame)–even if you don’t yet know how. We’ll get there together.

Enroll in The Burnout Cure
Schedule your Real Clarity Call now to apply to enroll into the program.

I don’t accept everyone into the program, because not everyone is a fit. Schedule your Real Clarity Call to make sure this is will work for both of us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?

There is no catch. And this program is NOT RIGHT FOR EVERYONE. There is an investment of money, time, and trust. Commitment to yourself and to the program is required. Sign up to talk with me to see if it is a fit.

Is the program right for me?

Maybe. It certainly isn’t right for everyone. If you aren’t even sure if you have burnout, take the quiz at If you score 60 or higher The Burnout Cure may be right for you. If you score between 40-60 you probably have burnout, but the 21 Day Transformation would likely be a better fit for you.

What kind of supplements do you use?

I only recommend and use professional only supplements. These are available only to licensed healthcare professionals. They are the highest quality supplements available on the market and are backed by research, good manufacturing practices, and a whole host of other assurances. The bottom line: these work.

What if I don't live near you? Or even in the US?

No problem! Even if you lived across town, our sessions would still be via telephone, Skype, or Zoom. My work hours vary enough that scheduling works for both of us the world over–without anyone staying up crazy late or getting up in the middle of the night.

What if I need support beyond the program

No problem! If your burnout was severe and we are not done at the end of six months, you can choose to continue the program uninterrupted until you are done. Many who complete the program like the additional support, and choose to enter the maintenance phase. You still get support, but not at the same intensity as the first phase of the program.